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Looking for the Truth no matter where it may lead.

What is Precious Plastic? Our solutions see people as the key element to fix the plastic mess. The Precious Plastic approach counts on people to bring about the necessary change. Small steps, multiplied by millions. That’s where we can win our battle. We don’t believe in techno-utopian, fix-it-all, dream technology. Precious Plastic is a combination of people, machines, platforms, and knowledge to create an alternative global recycling system. https://preciousplasticsw.space/2020/03/05/what-is-precious-plastic/

One day those we now see as heroes will be condemned for their crimes and those unjustly condemned by them will be seen as heroes. Hail Victory!

Studied Political Theory way back when Professors weren't activist. It was my first love. Current interest: 1) Critical Theory in the Evangelical Church 2) Education Reform 3) Taboo documentaries 4) The new Leninism. Newbie to biohacking and strength training.

Swedish photographer. Political commentator. Reporting on news from Sweden that the MSM does not want you to hear.

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Dec 2019
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