I’m back on here now
I breath music and toy its instruments, I'm loaded from my hair to toes' nails with entertainments. I love to express my feelings with graphics and visual. The worst fact about me is, I passionately love those who love me and pretend to love my haters. NFT:
American by birth, veteran by choice, former army medic and registered nurse, Christian by the grace of God. husband and father, blogger and cabinet maker and I'm starting my own business at 58, and I'm a word press blogger. oh boy. for the record. I don't DM I don't have that feature if I cant say it openly I don't need to say it
Just a blogger 😎 💯✅. One of my blogs: I love learning about different cultures. 💪🧐
Robert Aaron Rude (AKA) Leif Aronson, LowKey Floki I was shadow ban from IG&FB after i shared MY personal story and experiences with surviving child slavery… I’m looking forward to being able to share my true stories without being lumped into a global conspiracy! I be-living in humility, humanity, love, freedom, experience! working on self education/understanding yoga, martial arts, leadership academy’s, yoga_retreats, mens groups, & a yearly spiritual summer camp(6years & running)
Apr 2022
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