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MINDS for beginners

Dr. CassoneFeb 10, 2019, 1:02:38 AM

Welcome to Minds!

If you're coming from Facebook this will feel like moving from a small town to New York City. Hang on and prepare for a new adventure in social media!

Primary Reasons to be Here:

➤  great uncensored information and content that you will not find anywhere else (most other platforms control the content)

➤  place to share your thoughts, your photos, and your creativity (photo uploads are especially nice here!)

First Task

First task is to open an account. Profiles here are called "channels." You can choose whatever username and title you like and all you need is an email to join. Keep in mind that you cannot change your username once you choose it. All posts here are public (unless you post to private groups). This may influence whether or not you want to use your real name or a fake name. The description on your channel can be as detailed as you want just like the cover photo and avatar.

Second Task

It is unlikely that you will know anyone here like on FB or Instagram which means your social connections will develop over common topics of interest and conversations (unless you share your channel to followers on other platforms). Your second task is to subscribe to channels or join groups that interest you. Use the Discovery section (or Search icon if on mobile) or you can also use hashtags to find posts and channels to subscribe to and follow. Notice there are entire sections dedicated to videos, blogs, images, and groups. 

With the first two tasks complete you will be able to explore Minds and have a very enjoyable experience. At this point you will see the token system mentioned but don't worry about it...yet. Just enjoy getting to know the platform. I suggest downloading the app for your phone.

Third Task

Make a post. You can do this be re-sharing posts that you like (this is called a "remind") or by creating your own post. Note: All posts are public unless they are shared to a private group. You can upload photos or videos (click attachment icon) and write short or lengthy texts. The blog section allows for multiple photos and font changes. 


Minds is public and uncensored. This means you may come across content that is disturbing or pornographic (never an issue for me as I have those types of posts turned off and am also careful who I subscribe to). The content is allowed to be here because Minds is committed to eliminating censorship. However, those posts should be posted with the Explicit button so that users have to click to see it and so that it can easily be filtered out for those that do not want to see it. The Minds team encourages users to report inappropriate posts where users failed to mark Explicit. Content is removed only if federal laws are broken. It is also possible that your posts will, at some time, attract trolls (those who post hostile comments meant to provoke conflict). That is the risk you take when posting on a public uncensored platform. Not to worry. Don't take the bait. Just ignore what you don't like and if you want you can easily block repeat offenders. 

Secondary Reasons to be Here:

➤ grow a following

➤ support the mission of Minds

If you like social media and want to grow a following (for whatever reason) it has become very difficult on the other platforms because of how they are commoditizing  your involvement and manipulating the feed. But here on Minds, you have a fresh start with a new and very upcoming platform. Minds is on a mission to take back social media for those who contribute most. The reward system is for the content creators. They promise not to data mine or exploit the users and have made their code open source and transparent (any dubious changes would be caught vs Facebook who keeps their code private). This is literally a platform for the people using the platform and that is a mission worth standing behind. The future decentralization of the platform (hosting from multiple connected servers) will ensure a level of security and protection of content against corporate ownership. 

➤ get paid by subscribers

Patreon became a popular alternative for YouTubers to get paid directly in USD from their audience through payment tiers (different fees allows for access to premium content). Minds has the same option built into it but better and with less administration fees. I've been here for 18 months and have never charged for content but it's a nice option to have. 

Tertiary Reasons to be Here:

➤ tokens

➤ cryptocurrency

➤ blockchain

This last area of interest can be for the advanced user or someone committed to growth. You can have a rich experience here on Minds without ever paying attention to the reward system. 


Tokens on Minds are like Monopoly money. They are simply a reward system based on points earned by participating on the platform (details are in the Wallet section). You can use these tokens to boost your content, your channel, or pay forward to other channels for boosting your content. You can also reward other channels by sending them tokens as a wire. 

Minds connected its token system to a cryptocurrency called Ethereum and is using blockchain technology to verify transactions. Not only can you earn tokens but you can purchase them. You first buy Ethereum and then it is translated into tokens that are deposited into your wallet (USD➤Ethereum➤tokens➤wallet➤ promote content). The goal of Minds is to eventually (if it isn't already) be able to take your earned tokens from popular content and turn then back into Ethereum and then to USD (rewards➤wallet➤tokens➤Ethereum➤USD). This vision allows for content creators to make a living on Minds.

Whatever your reasons for being here, and however deep you choose to get involved, I'm glad you're here. Enjoy the adventure.

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