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Life is Messy, Weird and Complex

SatoriDMay 1, 2018, 10:37:26 PM

Welcome to the Crystal Forest Project

The Crystal Forest is a evolving project of art, poetry, storytelling and true confessions. I went with my Dad and Uncle to Arizona and New Mexico we visited some National Parks and stood with some family.

My Dad was born into New Mexico, along with my Grandma, so it was a journey to the land of our people, as well as a trip down memory lane. 

My Uncle has dementia and its progress rapidly, so it was bitter sweet. I think my Dad wanted visit places he and my Uncle went to as kids. As I was soaking in spending time with my family and wondering around these enchanted lands, and that's when the Muse started call my name.

Art helps me to make sense of a confusing life, reality and world. Am excited to dig deep into complexity of emotions that this trip sparked. Look all week because i'll be sharing some of my work as I try to express that which can't be expressed.

Life is Messy, Weird and Complex. This is why the creative process is unpredictable. 

As I was taking pictures for my Dad with his brother. I started to play around with filters, saturations, contrasts and then with effects afterwards. As the visions started unfolding, and pieces of fleeting words came to me. I figured I will try to capture the mosaic of reality, emotions and perceptions that was calling as I got deeper into the Crystal Forest...

As I sit at the edge of the abyss, 

feet dangling at the infinity,

I struggle to BE. HERE. NOW.

blind to the eternal beauty

that is leaking out everywhere.

I am distracted by

the pain of the world

the sorrow of humanity

the confusion of society

the crudeness of biology

I am trying to capture the mosaic of realities, emotions and perceptions that was bubbling up as I pondering this place of enchantment, my history, memories and future. 

I went deep, deep deep into the Crystal Forest.

Beauty is beauty, that’s all there is to it. If you are interested in you, then you’re stuck with you and you’re stuck with your death. But if you get interested in beauty, then you’ve latched on to something mysterious inside your soul that grows like a secret insane thought, and takes over completely when you die, and you’re IT.

The mysteries of the reality await you in the crystal forest...