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A New Eleusis Is Arising Over The Horizon

SatoriDApr 20, 2018, 4:07:20 PM

April 19th is Bicycle Day - when Albert Hofmann became the first person to experience the psychedelic properties of LSD. And what a wonderful day to celebrate: the 75th anniversary of Albert's Discovery. It has brought insight and wonder to millions across the world, its importance is just beginning to be realized again.

The Food of the Gods, indeed. Our Ancestors recognised the magic of these compounds and used them to spark culture, art, music, spirituality and language. All the things that makes us human. The sad and misguided creatures that we are, in modern time we turned a blind eye and have lost touch with the spark of humanity. But the New Eleusis is arising over the horizon, we are slowly, through the modern religion of science, regaining our connection to them.

Now 75 years later, we reflect on the influence LSD has had on culture, politics, and science, and the future of this profound molecule..

At the 75 Years of LSD – Where Does This Trip Lead? Symposium in Basel, Amanda Feilding, the countess of psychedelic science delivered a video message in which she reflected on her memories of Albert as a friend and colleague. She also outlined the key findings of her groundbreaking psychedelic research with the Beckley Foundation, and her plans for the future of LSD. Watch her message, ‘From Problem Child to Wonder Child: An Evolving Story’, below:

The Dawn of The Psychedelic Renaissance

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Dr. Hofmann's discovery, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is offering opportunities for education and participation throughout the month of April.

From, LSD Storytelling: What have you discovered? Many people have learned about LSD through science, education, culture, or personal experiences. Record a 1-2 minute tribute video and tell the world why LSD is important to you.

To, LSD Webinars, Join them for the Discovering LSD webinar series to learn how LSD has impacted science, medicine, culture, and policy. There is only one left: Science, Music, and Microdosing with James Fadiman, Erika Dyck, and Mendel Kaelen on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Pacific Time (GMT-7)

How does LSD work in the brain? What is microdosing, and can it help enhance creativity and productivity? What can the turbulent history of LSD over the last 75 years tell us about its future?

Learn more: http://maps.org/lsd75

Also check out The Beckley Foundation for Latest on Psychedelic Research: http://beckleyfoundation.org/

Thanks for reading, liking and reminding. Be fearless as you trip thru Hyperspace!