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Community Reward Program (Tokens)

MindsGaming Community Apr 7, 2018, 1:00:33 AM

New community rewards! Yep yep, with the new tokens we needed to make a new solid rewards program, We will be giving a minimum of 2 tokens a day out plus any activity or contest prizes as well as group and promotion boosts for community posts inside groups.

Two Tokens given at min a day.

The top post for our community tag #MindsGaming will be given one token a day on a one token per post max. (If I got a token for this post already, I wont again.)

The top post for our daily tag (See in bio) will also be given one token with the same criteria.

Weekly Reward

One lucky new channel will get five tokens

One lucky group up-loader will get three tokens

Monthly Rewards 

Each month a main area group will have a contest or activity for 10 tokens.

Gaming Tokens

1 Token a week will be given to gaming uploaders in our community

1 Token a week to a random #Memewars post will be given

Boost personal post to @MindsGaming for a min of 15 tokens for a remind to the community or get original content reminded free with our tag #MindsGaming

Community Promotions

2 tokens group boosting, topic of the day

2 Tokens for one user post a week

Have Fun!

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