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Setting up your wallet for tokens #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Oct 5, 2018, 9:51:08 PM

In this blog we will be going over how to set up your wallet for tokens using MetaMask and without, as well as the difference between Onchain and OffChain.

Setting up you wallet. (MetaMask)

First download the extension for meta mask we have provided the link here for Firefox.

Click the fox that is now in your address bar; 

Accept the terms and agreements after reading and you will be promoted to set-up a password, I recommend a separate password from Minds login or chat of course.

In your meta MaskMask menu click the 3 dots and copy address.

Navigate to your addresses in your wallet to begin, you should be on the following screen.

You can now provide your address for meta mask ignoring the (use meta-mask option, this will take you to the download provided above)

To see your points from the network make sure to change to the Rinkeby Test Net in the MetaMask drop-down.

OffChain or points

Offchain or non MetaMask is the same as in network points simply click "create a wallet"in the above menu and follow the steps provided :)

Adding Minds Tokens to MetaMask

To see your Minds onchain balance and use the Minds token you need to add it to your wallet. Open MetaMask go to the menu, click add token, select custom token and add the address:


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