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Johns Hopkins DMT Entity Survey

SatoriDMar 27, 2018, 4:54:55 PM
Why this is not four-inch headlines on every newspaper on the planet I cannot understand, because I don't know what news you were waiting for, but this is the news that I was waiting for.

There is always a Terence McKenna Quote for all things that psychedelics. McKenna described the DMT entities, among other names, as "translinguistic elves," "friendly fractal entities," "elf legions of hyperspace," "tykes," "meme traders," "art collectors," and "syntactical homunculi."

"If an extraterrestrial wanted to interact with a human society, and it had ethics that forbade it from landing trillion-ton berrelium ships on the United Nations plaza—in other words if it were subtle—I can see hiding yourself inside a shamanic intoxication. You would say, "Let's analyze these people. OK—they're kind of hard-headed rationalists, except they have this phenomenon called "getting loaded" and when they get loaded they accept whatever happens to them, so let's hide inside the load and we'll talk to them from there, and they'll never realize that we're of a different status than pink elephants."

Neuroscience researcher Roland Griffiths at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is leading a scientific study on "the experiences of people who have had encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities after taking DMT."

A message from Roland Griffiths, Ph.D.

My colleagues and I at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are conducting an interesting anonymous, internet-based survey study to examine the experiences of people who have had an encounter with what some would call a seemingly autonomous being or entity which occurred after taking N,N-DMT.

The study will permit a better understanding about the phenomenology, interpretation, and acute effects and beliefs regarding such experiences. Our hope is that, ultimately, we will receive thousands of responses to the survey so that we can better understand the phenomenology of these DMT entity encounters. The survey link can be found below along with general information about the survey and reasons why someone might want to participate.

Information about the survey:

We anticipate that it will take approximately 20-40 minutes to complete the survey

Participation is completely anonymous.

Individuals may benefit from the knowledge that they are contributing to the scientific study of a topic that is of personal interest to them.

Individuals may find it an uplifting opportunity to revisit and contemplate an interesting experience.

The survey link is here.

We would sincerely appreciate it if you would consider letting others know about our survey.

Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Contact information: [email protected] 410-550-0034

Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Neuroscience

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

So if you ever encountered the Machine Elves of Hyperspace and been struck by noetic lightning, this is the survey for you.

"Have you had an encounter with a seemingly autonomous entity after taking DMT?"