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Gateways to Other Dimensions with Carolina Arevalo

InfiniteImaginariumOct 4, 2018, 6:58:07 PM

from dot came dot · from dot came universe · from dot came I.

by Carolina Arevalo

This Blog has been a Long time coming. 

Lately I been focusing on moving a lot of the Infinite Imaginarium on to steemit. I been organizing our stuff, touching up some stuff, and putting things on dsound

 With the recent release of Infinite Imaginarium: SexDeathRebirth, someone asking about where they can find our shows. I made a Infinite Imaginarium Playlist

As I was looking back at some of our shows, I thought I should highlight some of our classic shows. 

Infinite Imaginarium: Gateways to Other Dimensions w/ Carolina Arevalo, is a landmark show, and it kind of marked the evolution of Infinite Imaginarium, where it turned in a collaborative creative visual show. It's a lot of work that goes into doing the visual edit, but for me(SatoriD) it just makes so much sense, and Carolina's Artwork was so exciting to play with, and it was the beginning of me really trying to bring some chaotic magic to the show.

But before I get into the show, I want to dig deeper into Carolina's Artwork, because it's really amazing and one of my personal favorites. 

Tell Them Web by Carolina Arevalo

Carolina Arevalo a Peruvian artist based in Brooklyn, NY. I found her on Minds.com and I got to know her little bit more having her on Infinite Imaginarium Podcast show. 

From there, We along with @adammillwardart started doing Psychedelic Sundays, a monthly psychedelic podcast, it's like a psychedelic talking circle. It's very fun to try to connect deeper with each other and with the great (psychedelic) mystery.

Carolina's work resides in the visual embodiment of the “unveiled” in the various journeys throughout her own psyche and its connection to the outer worlds. Inner Paths to Outer Space, as I like to call it. These creations nurture in developing meticulous atmospheres incarnating the quintessential energy present in every living organism.

The World

Throughout Carolina's artwork she make an emphasis on how our realm functions with the rules of self-similarity, repetition and interconnection. The usage of techniques such as finite subdivision rules, cartography, acuity enhancement and symmetrical repetition are the building blocks of my work which lead to a meditative trip; characteristic for its crossroads between equilibrium and chaos, vacuum and overflowing atmospheres. The usage of pointillism, metallic appearances and serendipity guide her expedition towards creating & mapping out her own inner galaxy as well as connecting it with the outer galaxy.

:: Welcome Carolina to the Infinite Imaginarium ::

Show Notes:

Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

This is where we do the meet and greet.

How is Art world of NY treating you?

Talk about your Senaspace Art Gallery Gateways Show.

5 paintings, personal talismans, the gate openers to other magnitudes of reality.


How is your Art studio doing?

What projects and plans in the works


A collaborative project in between Jason Tudor and Carolina Arévalo.



30 drawings and type on gold leaf.

30 elements of innerspace?


Art, Inspiration, Ideas and deep connections

This is where we open of the talk, to discuss and explore the deeper concepts, ideas, feeling and process of your work, and actually the concert of everything.

the universe, its nature.

Unveiling of Inner Truths and Outer Paths

Heritage, rituals and ancestral wisdom.

Dreams, perceptions, reality, and consciousness


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