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Ketogenic Diet For The Ultimate Photogenic Body

ketogenicdietsMar 2, 2018, 11:35:38 PM

Have you heard of keto? What in the world is keto and why is important? Keto, in simple terms is the process in which you sort of trick your body into thinking it needs to break down body fat in order to obtain and replenish energy instead of using carbs. Now Keto diet has now gained a hug following because it's just super effective and works super fast, you'll have your dream body in no time!

Here's the science behind it.

For this to work, you need to put yourself in a ketogenic state or a state where you have only been eating high amounts of fat, very low protein, and absolutely no carbs. To illustrate, you will need 80% of fat and only the rest is protein, no crabs. You need to follow this ratio for your first two days in your diet. Once you have achieved such a state, you now change up the ratio and take in more protein and lower your fat intake - 65% fat, 30% protein, and the rest is whatever you want to eat. Protein here is increased to benefit the growth of muscles. An increase in carb intake, however, only increases the release of insulin in our body which helps store amino acids, glycogen, and some excess calories and turns them into fat. Therefore, it is common sense to stop putting too much carbs in your body so it doesn't store unwanted fat that will not only ruin your figure, but also cause some serious potential health risks.

Now that carbs are out of the picture, your body will now have to find other sources of energy - your fat. Unwanted fat. Did you say you wanted to burn some fast and effectively? Well, now you can with best supplements for ketogenic diet! You aren't only training your body to use fat as its main energy source, you're making it fast to achieve your body goals too! This state of your body is called ketosis. This is absolutely the state you want to have you body be in if you want to lose fat and maintain muscle growth.

But your ketogenic diet is not over yet! To maintain this state of ketosis, you need to work out a plan in your diet. You should at least take in a gram of protein per pound of lean mass. This is really helpful int the recovery of muscle tissue after your sports training or gym workout sessions. To illustrate, if you are weighing at 180 pounds of lean mass, then you should be taking in at least 180 grams of protein daily. That means, if you multiply it by 4 (amount of calories per gram) then you get 720 calories from protein intake and rest should come from fat.

For more information, click here: https://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/divisions-diagnostics-and-procedures/medicine/atkins-diet.