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Things to Know Before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

hikingtripsFeb 14, 2018, 12:10:30 AM

If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is among the things on your bucket list, it is important that have some information about it before you finally pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime. Visiting a place blindly without doing due diligence might bring a lot of surprises when the tour day finally comes. Here are some of the things about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro that you need to know about even before you start packing your bags.

Did you know that you do not have to be a marathon runner in order to be able to successfully reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro? Many people think that you need to be super fit in order to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course, you will need to be physically fit and healthy if you plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Therefore, there are some exercises you need to do prior to your trip. For instance, it is prudent that you do basic cardiovascular exercises at the gym of your choices such as running or cycling.Additionally, you could build up your fitness level by practicing hikes in your hometown so that your body prepares for the memorable adventure that awaits you.

Secondly, it I prudent that you have the right kit requirements for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You need to have a list of important things you need to have so that you do not forget any while packing. For those that you could rent when you arrive should be booked in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. Gloves and hiking boots are a must because without them you will not be able to climb your dream Mountain. Things like trekking poles are equally important because they are used by climbers for balance and also to take off the pressure from your knees when descending. Since the hike covers four climatic zones, you need to ensure that you carry the right clothes so that you stay safe all through the climatic zones. You surely do not want to fall sick before you accomplish your mission because of not having the right attires with you.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a walk in the park. It is not something that the faint-hearted could achieve. You need to have the passion and determination to achieve your goal for out to successfully complete the climb. Whenever you feel like giving up, you should take heart and gather all your strength so that you do not give up when you only have few steps to make it to the top.

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