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Are the Greens Really Communists? (Full Script and Sources)

MattysModernLifeFeb 12, 2018, 2:54:08 AM

“Climate change is already impacting our lives. As it gets worse, we will be affected by more floods and storms, bushfires and droughts. Globally there will be less clean water and farmland available.”

Who said this? Surely it was the Greens right? Well, if that’s what you guessed you’d be wrong. This is a quote taken directly from the website of the militant Marxist group, the socialist alliance.

What about this one?

“Conversion to a more sustainable economy will bring a healthier economy as well as a healthier environment..”

I mean that MUST have been the Greens right? Wrong again! That one was directly from the communist party of Australia.

OK, how about this one?

“Inequality in Australia continues to grow, with unequal wealth distribution increasing significantly over the past decade. Students, young families and those looking for work are seeing their financial support stalling or going backwards. This pattern will only increase inequality further unless we address it now.”

Yep, that’s right, this one was the Greens.

So are the Australian Greens Communists? Let’s answer this question once and for all.


Founder of Greenpeace video – Take Clips

“Sadly, Greenpeace has evolved into an organization of extremism and politically motivated agendas” – Patrick Moore founder of Greenpeace.

After the true horrors of communism were revealed to the world in the 1970s the far-Left were in crisis. They’d predicted a utopian world of equality and abundance, instead communism inflicted misery, death and suffering on those dominated by it. What were the communists to do?

A man of honour and reason would evaluate the ideas on their merits and change their views accordingly, but communists have no honour and likely no souls. Instead of saying “well that didn’t work, capitalism seems a lot better, maybe we should try that instead” the communists simply changed tactics.

Jordan Peterson notes the work of the first post-modernist Jacques Derrida - Show Peterson clip – Video from about 41:20 in

This man so revered by the Left said such things as:

““To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.”

“I always dream of a pen that would be a syringe.”


“Contrary to what phenomenology—which is always phenomenology of perception—has tried to make us believe, contrary to what our desire cannot fail to be tempted into believing, the thing itself always escapes.”

In other words, this soulless monster produced nothing but unreasoned rubbish hidden behind big words. However, it was rubbish lapped up by communists who just had their universe ripped open by facts and evidence.

As Stefan Molyneux said in his talk “The truth about untruth | postmodernism exposed” – “They have to destroy logic and evidence or logic and evidence will literally destroy them.” – Talk time 1:11:30

Faced with the choice of either admitting the true horror and immorality of their own belief system, or ignoring reality, the Left chose the “quicker, easier and more seductive” path. The Left chose the dark-side. Facts and evidence destroyed their worldview, so they destroyed facts and evidence. – Picture of Yoda

Some chose feminism and other post-modernist academic anti-intellectual endeavours, but many chose to cloud their ideas in the veil of environmentalism.

The rise of the Greens perfectly matches the timeline of other far-Left movements around the world:

“The attempted Franklin River hydroelectricity scheme engaged a movement of people passionate for preserving Australia’s environment. However, while many of the Franklin protesters would go on to be leaders in the Greens, the first shoots of Australia’s green political movement sprouted in the 1970s.” – Greens Story 1

A reminder, this is when the world was shown the true horrors of communism and Jacques Derrida rose to prominence.

Other state-based Greens parties sprung up in the early 1980s. New South Wales was the first to register the name, ‘the Greens’ in 1983. Western Australia, which fostered an earlier nuclear disarmament movement, had the first Green Senator in 1990. – Greens Story 2

Today, the Greens not only speak for the environment but also on behalf of people who are disadvantaged in our society: children, refugees, students, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and individuals and families living in poverty. - Greens Story 3

The mission of The Greens reads remarkably similar to that of any social justice warrior. – Learn liberty Vid

In fact, they have an entire policy page dedicated to “social justice” that lists all the usual post-modernist victim groups we’ve come to associate with the oppression Olympics. I wonder if they noticed the homeless man in the picture was a white male? I guess he lost his privilege card.-

A quick glance at their policies confirms what was already obvious, the Greens support massive wealth redistribution enforced by the state.

Policies such as:

- Ending poverty and reducing inequalities in income and wealth are essential to social wellbeing and democracy. Achieving economic and social justice depends upon democratic participation in economic decision-making.

- Tranlsation: We want the state to use it’s monopoly on force to steal people’s money and use it to buy votes, in the name of “democracy”. – Democracy in quotes

- Deliberate and coordinated government intervention and, where appropriate, government assistance is necessary to encourage a diverse and resilient Australian economy and create more green employment opportunities in a dynamic economy.

- Translation: We want the state to use it’s monopoly on force to coerce businesses into investing in things we want them to invest in, and will pay for it with money stolen from the populous. We also don’t understand economics, are betting on you not understanding economics and like using fun sounding words like “dynamic”.

- Public assistance is generally best provided through universal service provision or targeted payments, rather than through tax concessions which often fail to assist low-income earners.

- Translation: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Also translated as: We want to extort from those who earned it and hand it to those who didn’t. It’s also obvious they haven’t seen Stefan Molyneux’s video, the Truth about Welfare. I’ll link in the description but “spoiler alert” welfare is really really really (7x reallys) bad for genuinely poor people. (Show pic of molynex talk then pics of aboriginals fighting)

The Communist Party and the Socialist Alliance mirror their policies:

- The Socialist Alliance supports universal welfare rights for all. We are opposed to the principle of “mutual obligation” upheld by both the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party, because this is forces people into low-paid, alienating work while sabotaging existing wages and conditions for those in work. – Socialist alliance

- The Socialist Alliance says welfare payments for all those in need are a right. We call for a guaranteed independent income for all at a living wage, and a welfare system capable of providing to each according to their level of need. – Socialist Alliance

- Massively investing in research and development of alternative renewable energy sources under public ownership. Transfer of subsidies government support from fossil and nuclear fuel sectors to energy efficiency and renewable energy and conversion programs. – Communist Party Australia

- Substantial increases in government funding from all three levels of government for the construction of public housing, restoration of existing public housing and purchase of additional homes from the private sector. – Communist Party Australia

- Whenever these Green Left liars talk about “subsidies for fossil fuels” what they really mean are tax deductions, ie not stealing. But that’s a story for another time. – Make this a note

The Greens also have a love for union based agreements over individual agreements, see if you can guess which policy belongs to which party:

- facilitating collective agreements that are union negotiated and exceed the Award standards; - Greens

- Trade union-negotiated collective industry agreements in every workplace – Communist

- Compel companies to participate in funds that guarantee workers' entitlements. – Socialist Alliance

And the answers are: - Show answers

Those are just a few examples of the crossover between these three political movements. The only real difference between the Greens policies and those of the CPA and the Socialist alliance are that the latter two are open and honest about their Marxist doctrine but the Greens aren’t.

The Greens try to cloud their hard-Left Marxist ideology with a thin veneer of Green “environmentalism”.

They truly are nothing but watermelons, Green on the outside Red all the way through. This fact is blindingly obvious to anyone paying attention. The Greens are in favour of increased taxation, a lot more government control of the economy and are vehemently opposed to freedom of speech, as I outline in my Greens vs Milo video – Greens vs Milo video

Communism is defined as: a political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society. Communism is thus a form of socialism— in fact, it’s a higher and more advanced form according to its advocates. – Britannica Pic

The Greens advocate for state sanctioned theft of private property through higher taxation and handing it to those they deem “disadvantaged” (read: oppressed). They believe in the control of the economy for what they deem the communal good.

Based on their policies and the definition of a communist it is impossible to argue that this is not what they are.

At most you could argue they are socialists, but again from Brittanica:

Like most writers of the 19th century, Marx tended to use the terms communism and socialism interchangeably. – Brittanica second pic

So are the Greens communists? You’re god damn right they are. – Heisenberg Meme

They are, scum sucking, low down, immoral, dirt bag, disgusting, stench ridden, cockroach acolytes of the most evil and destructive ideology in the history of humanity.

The ideology that gave us Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, over 100m dead in less than a century and countless more living in the worst kind of misery and suffering.

Now, where did I put my helicopter…


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