Aussie dude, loves freedom, beer and football. Classically Liberal, Conservative Libertarian Free thinker who doesn't like labels other than calling out Leftards. Two quotes to sum up what I believe, "The freer the market, the freer the people" and "I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it." Fighting for free speech, against those who would kill us for our speech and laughing at feminists, one day at a time. Check out my YouTube channel: Here to subscribe: Matty Rose Live: BitChute: DTube:!/c/mattysmodernlife Other social media Twitter: Rational Rise TV: To support my work: Subscribe at RRTV: Subscribe Star: Patreon - Ko-Fi: Paypal: Paypal donations: Crypto Addresses: BitCoin - 1BfnDbLkXXTAm6i52ozqBiGTkE9ZKmyWx4 Litecoin - MRYn8HDmmnGdjMxczDx9TakmTmcwtHBjYv Ripple - rBgnUKAEiFhCRLPoYNPPe3JUWayRjP6Ayg Ethereum - 0xbf21e07217b6bf6a84e42ef1258b88384dae6e66
Just started a Patreon: I've also got a discord server if people want to join including a patrons only channel. Hopefully I can utilise this more going forward. You can join the discord here:
When the financial ponzi scheme collapses the oligarchs are going to blame diversity flu, don't be fooled, this collapse has been inevitable for decades now.
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