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The Secrets of Relationships With Malaysian Women

PaulStevensJan 10, 2018, 12:10:34 PM

Learn the main secrets of Malaysian dating and start building your happy future with wonderful and loving Asian ladies.

For many tourists to have a rest in Thailand is as familiar as to spend a vacation near the Black Sea. But in exotic Asia there is one more kingdom, which in color, originality and natural beauty is not inferior to the fairy Thailand, and in some ways it exceeds it. This is the neighboring country of Malaysia.

Everyone who is fed up with the Europeanized format of leisure go to exotic tours to Malaysia. There they find fresh impressions, but at the same time strives for comfort and personal safety. Here you can see all of Southeast Asia in its entire splendor, as Malaysia is a mix of Asian cultures of ancient India and China, the strict traditions of the Islamic world and Buddhist philosophy. But still, the most interesting feature of the country is of course Malaysian women. They are really unique, with own traditions and character, but if you want to start relationship with such girls, we would like to share some secrets that will help you in the future.

It’s not needed to spend time on long acquaintances and fellowship, if you can cope with all the tasks with one successful shot. It’s quite normal, when a person does not want to wait, but wants to get everything right away, but usually it's almost impossible. Is it possible to get acquainted and seduce a girl at one time?

There is an opinion that to get acquainted in the public places is an indicator of bad taste and the girl will never respond to this consent. But, everything can be turned differently and the right approach to achieve your goal.

In any case, the most difficult thing is to take the first step. It is always difficult to begin, because you often do not know just where and how to do this. But breaking yourself, you can learn a simple truth. It is that to get acquainted with anyone, even with the most chic woman can almost every man and his appearance and social status does not play a special role. All emphasis is paid on charisma, the ability to submit oneself and communication skills.

A woman will not pay attention to the color of the eyes or height, if a man is strong and brave, because these qualities are valued by ladies. Try to become for her not only a support, but also a hero, of course you do not need to save the world for this or to invent a heroic past, it is enough to prove everything by actions. The hero can be someone who fixes a tap at home, gives a homeless couple of coins, or simply gives way to a lady in public transport. Strange as it may seem, but good and kind acts are sometimes much more valuable. Try to show your lady strength, confidence and other qualities typical of real men in every possible way. But all actions must be real, proceeding from the best motives. Do not play a role from which you are far away.

Another barrier that needs to be overcome is the idealization of girls. Suppose you are poly in the club and see there is not a girl, but a goddess with a chic figure and a beautiful face. Of course, you lose your courage and hesitate whether she’ll pay attention on you, whether she will speak to you if there are no keys to a foreign car and a bundle of money in your pockets. Forget about such silly stereotypes! She is a girl, just like everyone else, if the nature has awarded her with good appearance, it does not make her a heavenly creature with wings behind her back. Approach and get acquainted, treat her like a very ordinary girl. She will definitely feel the difference between you and the men who tried to impress her. After all, all "before" tried to impress her and please, but monotony bothers, so her response to all the efforts of the poor fellows was negative. Be original and do not raise her above yourself, it will exactly interest her. But this does not mean that you can behave too unleashed or rude, the business card of every man is his manners.

To get acquainted with Malaysian girls is half of the way, but how to seduce her? The following tips will help you.


As if the women did not deny, but romance in relationships is needed by everyone. The meetings, walks under the starry sky and other lovely things are close to the woman's heart. Women want to believe in fairy tales, your task is to make the dream come true. Make her a surprise: arrange a romantic evening, which will remain in her memory for a long time. Calm music, muffled light in an intimate atmosphere without superfluous faces will create the impression that there are only two of you around the world. Having created such an atmosphere, it will be easy to seduce a girl.

Do not forget to say compliments. Correctly chosen words for girls like honey for bees – they always want more. But it's important that the compliment be real and sincere. Do not forget, girls love with their ears.


Humor and laughter are a cure not only for all diseases, but also a key to the woman's heart. Make the girl laugh and enjoy her smile. If your jokes are really good and you make the girl smile, she will quickly melt. Positive emotions for a thin girlish soul are very important.

Patience and dedication

These are extremely important qualities. Not all the girls are so naive, and they are hard to be seduced. There are girls who are not ready to immediately fall into the arms of an unfamiliar, albeit even charming and attractive man. An internal brake and a sense of dignity do not give them such an opportunity. And by showing perseverance and perseverance in courtship, you can melt any iceberg.