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Surrogacy: A Wonderful Option For Infertile Couples

surrogacyblogSep 27, 2017, 2:50:12 AM

For a couple, the inability to have a child is one of the toughest things to know. Thanks to the medical science, many options have been introduced to help such parents. Surrogacy is one such fantastic option through which they can have a family. However, there are certain very significant legal as well as emotional aspects associated with this process. Only a few states officially recognize Surrogacy Solutions while in other states, it is still illegal.

Is surrogacy the best option for you?

In general, this option is suggested to couples when the woman is not capable of carrying a baby due to some medical issues. It can also be considered in case the parents do not want a genetic disorder to pass on to their child. Also, Surrogacy for Gay Men and lesbian couples or single parents can be a great opportunity to have a family of their own. Learn more!

Surrogacy Process and types:

There is two main types of surrogacy - traditional and gestational surrogacy. In the traditional type, the surrogate mother is inseminated artificially or naturally with the intended father's sperm. This type of surrogacy refers to the one in which the father and the surrogate are the genetic parents of the child. If the father sperm cannot be used due to medical reasons, then the sperm donor and the surrogate are the genetic parents. To understand more about surrogacy, visit http://www.ehow.com/about_4674827_egg-donor-pros-cons.html.

In gestational surrogacy, the egg and sperm of the intended parents can be used to form the embryo to be carried by the surrogate. In this case, there is no genetic relation between the child and the surrogate mother. The egg is removed from the intended mother and fertilized with the father's sperm. It is then transferred to the surrogate for the rest of the growth process to take place. If taking the egg or sperm from the intended parents is not possible then a donor egg or sperm can be used.

Surrogacy Cost

The cost of the process depends on the type of colorado surrogacy you opt for. For instance, if the intended mother cannot produce the egg or the intended father's sperm cannot be used, and a donor is required, it will certainly add up to the basic cost. It is very difficult to give you an estimate of the expenditure that can be expected to occur during the whole process. But as it may rise to several thousands of dollars, it is highly suggested that you discuss it with the facility you are coordinating with and your attorney.

Finding a suitable Surrogate Service

Surrogacy can be commercial or altruistic. Commercial surrogacy is the one in which the surrogate receives monetary or another kind of reimbursement for the process while altruistic surrogacy is the one in which no compensation is demanded. The former is offered by medical clinics while the later is when someone from the intended parents' family agrees to be the surrogate mother.

As there are numerous factors involved that determine the success rate of Surrogacy Solutions, it is not possible to determine the exact success rate. Thus, it is suggested to undertake thorough analysis before making this crucial decision.