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Notes on 24hr Imaginarium

InfiniteImaginariumJun 10, 2017, 1:10:18 AM

Come with me

And you'll be

In a world of pure imagination

Take a look

And you'll see

Into your imagination


It's the power of imagination makes us infinite

A social experiment: What if a handful of @minds (or more) got together in an Imaginarium for 24 hours and focused on ideas.... that forward the new story of humanity? 24hr Imaginarium on June 6th  


SatoriD here, I have been on 24hr Imaginarium week and it's been chaotic, busy, fun, beautiful, painful, restless and then restful.  They say

"We cannot steal the fire. We must enter it." 


With that in mind, the imagination is not just a slate, but it's the human existence in itself, whatever we can imagine or what is imagined through us is a possible condition we can create, so maybe our future is to unleash the imagination to its full potential.   

Well, then you're next thought my dear readers, seers, dreamers, hackers, movers, and shakers might be  What on earth did Satori unleash? 

In the spirit that we construct the world out of ideas and concepts, and then project this conceptual world in material form, through our technologies and social system. Because our capacity for creating abstractions and then believes in the abstractions we create. We are easily seduced and deluded.  

There are few ideas I have unleashed into this world. But it's the idea of the Infinite Imaginarium Podcast, that is really getting me right now.



It must have been Infinite Imaginarium's 1st birthday, that got me to look back so that I can have visions of where I want to go. And in my abstract remix, mashing up, and matching up. This thought came to me.  

Rumi, once said, "There is no greater love than love with no object"

  And I figure where we(Infinite Imaginarium) are going, we don't need a host. and as of right now, am the only editor. But really in the near future, we can have Infinite editors, tricksters, and creators.


In The Imaginarium Poetic Sessions Vol. 1,



What we need is a leap of the imagination that creates a new goal and a new vision for human society as a whole.  


Buckminster Fuller saw that humanity faced a choice between "utopia or oblivion": either we use our technical genius to institute a planetary culture based on sharing and empathy, where everyone is provided with their basic needs and granted free access to the cultural and intellectual commons, or we will soon extinguish ourselves.

It's more important to be part of a process by rolling up ourselves, being on the ground, initiating projects, making art, media & love, starting campaigns - you know, building stuff.

Making media and art, that matters, that sparks social change, Protest as a way of being, Beauty is Beauty that's all there is to it. If you're interested in you, then you stuck with yourself and your death. but if you get interested in beauty, then you unlocked something mysterious inside your soul, that goes and goes like a secret insane thought, until your it.  

And I hope that my Imaginarium style podcast can inspire us to awaken into the present moment, realize what is at stake and what is possible, and coordinate in the construction of a new social system - one that does not tear apart and destroy, but repurposes and supersedes the current one? we need to present a vision of an amazing future that all can share, that promises to liberate human potential and satisfy our authentic desires. Mass media and celebrity culture currently indoctrinate people into ignorance and passivity- but these forces could be repurposed to inspire the multitudes into a new way of being instead. 



This is essentially the thought process behind how I want to use Infinite Imaginarium, the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my Protest as a way of being. And will do my best to make Infinite Imaginarium grow, and become this thing that I have seen it can be.

And thank you, dear readers, shamans, hackers, dreamers, movers, and shakers, Hit me up #24hrImaginarium, whenever you want to be the dreamer or the dream, and well make shit happen.