Crowdfunding allows collaboration between media

mohsinalii May 19 2017

Digital media collaborate in the project vicinity to create a monographic form funded via crowdfunding. Nearby is a joint publication that aims to analyze different Spanish cities, showing unknown corners, its flaws and virtues. Thus, not only offers a critical overview of our cities, but it also has space for culture, leisure and attractions anywhere.

The format of the publication is the magazine with 116 pages and offers information about 60 cities throughout the Spanish geography.

The minimum amount (11,000 euros), has been exceeded since the campaign finally got over 12,000 euros, with which was less than a thousand of the optimal number. The money is intended to cover the costs of printing and editing, as well as payment to the collaborating participants in the publication. Nearby copies are offered as a reward to the patrons. However, with the economic project but with other services has not only can collaborate as the of translations into other languages of the Spanish territory or the present the monograph in the localities where the project managers could not reach.

Projects as close to underscore the importance of crowdfunding not only financing tool but also as an element of cohesion. In this case, the crowdfunding joins two media with a specific objective.

In addition, this initiative also shows the potential that has the crowdfunding, since Diagonal and the tide had already previously participated in other campaigns which ended successfully. The fact that two newspapers with such broadcast repeated this formula proves its effectiveness.