9 Garden to visit on Mother’s Day in Southern California

celinewilson May 08 2017

Hey, are you looking forward to celebration of mother’s day and don’t know what to gift to your mother. We have a very good idea; you can make your mother visit to the nine most attractive gardens in Southern California.

Some of the details of the gardens are as follows-

1.      Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills 

     Virginia Robinson Gardens is a unique historic state built back in 1911. It is listed on the National register of historic places and is opened by the appointment only. It is located behind the iconic Beverly Hills hotel and spreads on six acres. It consists of a garden, mansion and pool. The lovers of history, traditional designs and beautiful gardens are the frequent visitors. It is the best place for photo shoots. The main aim of the garden is to preserve the cultural heritage and promote the history of Beverly Hills.

2.     San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas

      This garden spreads in four miles. It has a huge variety of flowering trees, majestic palms and the largest bamboo collection. It has a collection of plants from all over the world. The visitor can take the stroll starting from the dessert to topical environment with 37 acres of land. It is the home to the largest and rarest bamboos in the world. The main attraction is the tropical forest including grand waterfall, native plants, Mediterranean climate landscapes and a subtropical fruit garden. Send flowers San Diego to your loved ones. 

3.    Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

    It is a museum dedicated for education, research and conservation of Californian plants. The botanical garden consists of open space and beautiful plants. It also provides the educational activities and training sessions for the visitors. The garden is in seventy eight acres with more than one thousand Californian native plants. 

4.      The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino

    Huntington was founded in 1919 and he was having interests in books, art and gardens. The library has the collection of rare books and manuscripts from British and American history. The art gallery has the collection of artworks from the 18th and 19th century. It contains many popular art pieces. The botanical garden is spread in 120 acres of land. It has dozens of gardens like desert garden, Japanese garden, rose garden and Chinese garden

5.      Los Angeles Arboretum

     It is the most famous garden in Los Angeles. It is spread in 127 acres of land. It consists of the plants of rare and endangered species from all over the world. You can sit and relax by the waterfall, fountains and ponds. It also offers the training and research classes to the visitors.

       Fullerton Arboretum

     It was founded in 1979 and serves as the premier source of ecological, historical and ecological education. It is located in 26 acres and has 4000 unique collection of plants from round the world. It also has ponds, streams and wildlife. You can order flowers from online flower shop and gift to your mother.

7.     Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar

      It is the museum of living plants that has fountains, sculptures and abundance of flowers. It is the best place where people can study about the plants, flowers and trees. Flowers bloom all- round the year as it has the mild coastal climate. This place is the paradise for avid gardeners and horticulturists.

8.     South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes

      It is located in the area of 87 acres. It is the house of a wide variety of species of plants and trees. It contains a wide range of different species of flowering fruit trees, cost redwoods and gingko. There is a small lake that is the house of many birds like ducks, geese and coots. It is among the first garden that is developed over a sanitary landfill.

9.      The Getty Center in Los Angeles

    It is beautifully constructed garden and museum. It is the house of 500 species of plants. Also there is the large collection of paintings in the museum. It also has the restaurant to relax and eating delicious food after strolling down through the garden and museum.

Thus, what are you waiting for! Celebrate the day with your mother.