What To Do When A Dog Bites You?

peterkings92 Apr 21 2017

Dog bites injuries will be a frustrating thing in dealing with the dogs. According to the center for disease control and prevention, there comes a patient for every 75 seconds with a dog bite injury. Dog bites may be accidental or may happen while playing with your own dog. Some of the information is shared in this article about the dog bite injuries follow them to gain better results in dealing with it. Not only bites the nail of the dogs are also creating many issue so try to clip it. Best dog nail clippers are available in market.

First Aid

Don't get panic when a dog bites you. As a first aid, you should clean the injured area with a clean cotton towel. If you found the excess bleeding, wash the wound with soap, fresh cold water and then tie a bandage around it. And then do consult your physician as soon as possible.


Get a treatment for rabies by having a vaccination. The signs for the disease will be characterized by the symptoms like fever, swelling, a formation of pus, redness severe pain and slow healing process. If you encounter the above-mentioned symptoms, then surely you are in the danger on rabies. Consult your family physician and get the proper medical advice for rabies.

Dog Bite Injury Law

When you are injured by an unknown dog you can claim a dog bite injury law. In that law, there will be an investigation regarding the dog's nature and its owner. If the mistake was found to be surely done by the opponent team and then there will settlement of amount for the damage caused by the bitten dog.

Consult Your Physician

Rush to the nearby hospital to take the proper medical care. And also he will provide proper advice about the diet plan. Some of the onions, meat and garlic should be restricted in your diets.