Components of Alcohol Which Induces Allergic Reaction and Asian Flush

MelissaWilliams Mar 18 2017

After a week-long of working and suffering from work pressure, you deserve to take a break and hang out with your friends on Friday nights. It is good for your body to relieve some stress together with your close friends and family members especially if you have something to celebrate like a promotion of your position at work. In fact, you can celebrate without any reason at all. If you want to go hosting fun parties at your place, do as you wish because no one will stop you.


However, the only issue is your drinking problem. Asian flush or Asian glow is an embarrassing and uncomfortable disorder for some. When you are having a drink with your friends, you could not avoid joining the fun of having a drinking contest. However, your condition is not okay for drinking liquor. You could not help to get flushed all over your body in which some of your friends may tease you. Plus, instead of enjoying taking pictures, you tried to hide from the camera to avoid your friends from documenting your embarrassing situation.

Drinking alcohol is the primary cause of having Asian flush. Individuals with this condition shares similar symptoms. You can immediately identify a person with Asian flush through the following indicators;

 1. Redness of the face and other parts particularly in the upper body region

2. Red eyes

3. Swelling of face

4. Headache

5. Dizziness

6. Nausea

7. Difficulty in breathing

The symptoms of the condition worsen if the alcohol becomes toxic to the body because of failure in alcohol metabolism.

Alcohol causes both Asian flush and allergic reactions because of its component. Studies show that ethanol (alcohol) is a highly toxic substance which is dangerous to your health. If your body fails to metabolize ethanol into acetate, the acetaldehyde (the by-product of alcohol) will enter your blood stream which leads to poisoning. Moreover, alcohol contains other ingredients which increase the risk of poisoning and allergic reactions. These ingredients of alcohol are as follows:

1.    Histamine

1.    Sulfur Dioxide/ Sulfites

2.    Gluten and Wheat

3.    Grape extracts

4.    Nuts

5.    Yeast

If you have allergies on at least one of the above alcohol components, it is safer to completely stop drinking alcohol or drink with moderation.

Now, here is some good news for you. Asian flush have a remedy. You can still prevent this condition by taking in food with high antihistamine components such as chamomile and ginger. Alternatively, you could also take in supplements like Sunset Alcohol Flush Support for faster and positive outcomes.

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So, do not fret and lose hope! You could still enjoy with your friends and family without embarrassing yourself in front of them. Get Sunset Alcohol Flush Support now and learn more about what beneficial effects it can offer to your health.