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Welcome To The Infinite Imaginarium

InfiniteImaginariumDec 19, 2016, 3:41:55 PM

Welcome to the Infinite Imaginarium. Where your Digital Dreams get turned into Reality. Let your Mind go...and go, deep, deep inside the Imaginarium.



The Imaginarium is a place(inside your mind), to dream up a New Story for Humanity. There is a New Story waiting to be told. It is the story of Human possibility, of what people are capable of when we come together. Many of us carry this story inside but are too afraid to speak it. We tell ourselves we're crazy. But in fact, we represent the new sanity- the ideas and practices that can create a future worth living.

It's our stories that make sense of our world. If you have no frame of reference, your eyes can't tell the difference, and neither could your brain if you lacked the experience to eventually differentiated of one form to the other.

The Point is that the world we perceive isn't actually the world itself, it's our own story of the world, based on our knowledge and what were learned from others. The world has no meaning by itself, we supply the meaning.

We have no choice but to think together, ponder together, in groups and communities. The question is how to do this, how to come together and think and hear each other in order to touch and be touched by, the creativity, the intelligence and activism we need.

You have Entered the Imaginarium, where ideas roam free, where dreams are painted with reality because, at the end of history, it will be Art & Beauty that sets consciousness free.