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What Does City and Guilds Art School Offer?

LondonartschoolDec 14, 2016, 7:35:32 AM

A quick search on the internet concerning the City and Guilds Art School reveals its prestige and quality of education it offers its students. The school is the only institution that teaches ornamental and architectural carving in wood and stone beyond the undergraduate level. The school maintains its status as being independent, having not been absorbed by the University of Arts or another education conglomerate. The school happens to have a remarkable reputation for its quality of teaching remarkably in the painting, sculpture and printmaking within a complementary context. The specialized features characteristic of the school has led to it being preferable among many young art students further propelled by the success of recent graduates including Barnaby Hosking, Alastair Mackie and Alex Morrison who have successfully launched their careers in the outside world.

Courses at the City and Guilds Art School

The school provides a platform for the enshrinement of heritage preservation through courses such as Conservation and Historic Carving. Conservation aims at training students in the skill of preserving artefacts made of stone, wood and other gilded or decorated surfaces. In this regard, and with the facilities available at the school, students are acquainted with the art of using laser technology for surface cleaning. To further keep their skills relevant to practical applications, students are afforded the chance to apply their knowledge at such places as the Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral.

Students who get the chance to attend City and Guilds in London enjoy the prerogative of being hired at major museums and heritage institutions worldwide. The school offers a one of a kind specialization, under the department of Historic Carving, which trains professionals in architectural stone carving and ornamental wood carving. These courses are unique to the school and are not provided anywhere in the whole of Europe. The department has been known to participate in high profile projects over the continent in recent years

Independent Status

The school maintains its independent status to date and considers this crucial for the advancement and progress in whatever learning discipline that is in existence today. It is out of specialization that uniqueness and creativity are fostered, the school maintains, and has made its aim to preserve these beliefs. From the statistics and the excellence performance the school has displayed in various projects it has taken up, this seems to hold.

In its endeavor, the reinstatement and preservation of previously admired skills is propelled. Skills such as stone carving and ornamental carving that not only express the beauty of the human mind and the universe double up in preserving the history of mankind. City and Guilds Art School has taken a different direction in the provision of artistic skills, a direction everyone interested in pursuing the arts will find noble.


In its position, the school has filled a spot that needed filling in the world of art. Through variety, not only does the artist benefit but the society as well. Its notable alumni have shown the essence of the school and it is best it maintains its independent status. Specific courses taught at the institution also offer students various means of handling fees, including bursaries.