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Measured Building Survey: Why It Is Important Before Renovations

AdvancedSiteEngineeringServiceDec 9, 2016, 7:44:51 AM

There are many instances wherein working with surveyors will be necessary, such as when you plan to renovate. Whether it is for a residential or commercial property, measured building surveys will be an essential component of the process. Generally speaking, this is a procedure wherein experts will help to paint an accurate picture of the property, including the necessary measurements. It requires the use of state-of-the-art technology in order to come up with precise outputs. The latter, on the other hand, can be used as the basis of the renovation work that will be completed. Why is it important? Keep on reading, and we’ll share some of the reasons why it is necessary to have measured building survey.

Improve Safety

Among others, one of the reasons why measured building survey is important is the fact that it can ensure safe renovations. During the survey, elevations are measured, among others. This will provide technical information that will help to determine the best approaches to the job that will be necessary. For instance, there are some that should not be touched because of having a weak foundation and can cause the entire structure to collapse. You will know these things only when you have a detailed survey.

 Create Detailed Floor Plan

When it comes to renovations, it is important for designers or contractors to be given an accurate floor plan, which will be used as the basis of the work that will be completed. With measured building survey, this can be possible. This will provide information about the actual size and layout of the place, as well as the location of the stairs and hallways, among others. Height of the ceiling and beams will also be detailed, which will be important in coming up with a detailed renovation plan.

 Estimate the Cost of Renovation

Another reason why you might need to be measured building survey is to be able to know how much exactly the renovation will be worth. Through the survey, you will be provided with information regarding the size of the property, both the interior and the exterior. This can be used in estimating how much you need to be able to complete the renovation job. This is because many renovators will most probably determine how much their rate is through the size of your property.

 Installing Electrical Systems

Measured building surveys can also be useful in determining how to design electrical systems as part of the renovation. It will provide the contractors with the information they need to know about electrical entry points. This will ensure proper installation of wirings, and more importantly, the highest level of safety.

 Determine the Best Design Principles

Lastly, measured building surveys are also important so that renovators will be able to identify what is the best approach to completing the job. Based on the measurements and layout of the place, designers will come up with the perfect idea. In most instances, the printed plan in itself is already enough to have a basis on how to create the best design for the renovation.