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Piece-of-Shit-Christians are Pieces of Shit: Why Rational Discourse is Futile

Scott DuncanOct 11, 2016, 6:09:48 PM

Did you know I'm an Ordained Minister?  It's true.  I can legally marry people in Texas.  I've been to Texas twice in my life; both times I wasn't there for more than a week.  I did, however, use my time efficiently and invested it to become an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Subgenius (Praise Bob!).  


Unlike the ministers of the Middle Eastern Death Cults of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the Church of the Subgenius offers spiritual guarantees - Eternal salvation or triple your money back.  I have so much power that I dare say I am the local sect deity!  You may call me BETTER-THAN-JESUS!  


If you pray to BETTER-THAN-JESUS, I personally guarantee that BETTER-THAN-JESUS will answer an equal or greater number of prayers than your current Jesus.  This may seem offensive to members of the Abrahamic Death Cults.  As a means of apology, BETTER-THAN-JESUS hath handed down the HOLY PREFIX "Piece-of-Shit".  This HOLY PREFIX applies universally to:


Piece-of-Shit Christians,

Piece-of-Shit Muslims, and

Piece-of-Shit Jews.


Yes, even Piece-of-Shit Jews!  Our morality is absolute.  


If you're one of the members of the aforementioned death cults, and let's face it, that's what they are, death cults, you and devoted acolytes for thousands of years before you, have been longing for "the apocalypse" and the "end times", and let's not forget "Judgement Day".  Stop and think about that.  


You, as a devout Piece-of-Shit Christian/Muslim/Jew, long for these "end times".  You'll end people's lives and say that they've been "blessed" and are in a "better place".  Some of you even "talk to" your imaginary psychopathic sky-daddy by "praying"; and it's these behaviours in the 21st century that I find the most disturbing.  It's also why my contempt is perfectly justified.


We live in a day and age where we really CAN bring about "end times".  Since the 1950's, mankind has had the ability to destroy the world hundreds of times over.  It becomes even more disturbing when the people who have the authority to deploy these weapons, talk about their imaginary sky-daddy or their personal relationship with Jesus.  Every time the Americans have an election, in the early days there are always at least five people who claim that "God wants me to be president".  In Germany today, women are being sexually assaulted in public, and the perpetrators are being excused because of their membership in a death cult.  


Islam is the newest death cult of the three, and unlike the other two, they really do believe that it's OK to kill atheists and gays, that it's ok to rape an infidel woman; and all of you are buying it.  Everyone's ok with it.  And, of course, the Piece-of-Shit Christians are regressing to match the rising tide of Islam.  


I live in a world where it's considered "perfectly normal" to be an adult with an imaginary friend.  Angry Christians think I'm "closed minded" because I don't accept their pathetic "You can't prove God DOESN'T exist" as a valid argument.  Their death cult has dumbed down their critical faculties so much, that they are sincerely confused when you point out their logical fallacies.  Suggest they replace "God" with "Santa", and the idiocy of that statement becomes clear; yet they will respond, "That's not the same thing".  

 I live in a world with adults who believe fairy tales and claim their delusion is "magic insight". When I point out their ethical bankruptcy (Rape and Slavery are OK, but NO GRAVEN IMAGES) they claim I'm the one who's "ignorant" and that I am taking their evil belief "out of context", as if there is a "good" reason for rape and slavery.

This is the damage that is done when you program a mindset that accepts centuries-old Middle Eastern Death Cults as "good", and something you should base your life around.  


The latest of the Abrahamic Death Cults are slowly dismantling western culture.  Here in Ontario (Canada) the government has declared October to be "Islamic Heritage Month", despite the fact that it is illegal for a government to endorse a religion.  Islam has nothing to do with Canada's or Ontario's heritage.  If the census were to be believed, Ontario's population is mostly Christian.  That's the problem.  You see, Christianity is also a death cult.  Indeed there was a time when the Christians were far worse than the Muslims, who at that time, valued knowledge and the pursuit of that knowledge.  Find a list of all the named stars in the night sky, and you will find they have mostly Arabic names.  This is a left-over relic from the time Islam took a break from being a death cult.  


So here I am, in a day and age where the evil, ignorant, violent, misogynistic values of Abrahamic Death Cults, are systematically dismantling everything western civilization has brought us.  


Here's the thing about Islamic immigration.  It's not like any other kind of immigration.  I live in Canada, a country that sustains itself through immigration.  I've lived for half a century and have seen various waves of immigrants, all of which incited vocal minorities to scream, "Not in my back yard!"  


It's because of the long history of these naysayers being wrong every time, that we as Canadians, are so ready to reject the arguments against Islamic immigration; because despite the waves of immigrants we've had, the only influence the immigrants had was whatever influence their integration, assimilation and contribution, produced.  None of the Vietnamese "boat people" came to our shores with the intent of turning Canada into another Vietnam.  In the 1970's, refugees fleeing communist Hungary, distinguished themselves by not trying to turn Canada into communist Hungary.  This is not the case with Islamic "culture".  


So, ironically I sit here while 1/12 of the year (government endorsed) is dedicated to a Middle Eastern Death Cult.  Piece-of-Shit Christians encourage it, and all of them do it because they believe that bringing about the "end times" is a "holy act".  


This is why the HOLY PREFIX is so justified.  The practitioners of the Abrahamic Death Cults have worked hard to earn it.  


At no time in history has humanity had what is has now.  We take for granted that we can talk to people on the other side of the world instantly.  Look at the countries run by the death cults.  Any Islamic country you look at, is distinctly missing something, and that's accredited universities.  No Islamic state has a university that anyone thinks is credible.  It's why the wealthy in these countries send their children to the west, where there are accredited universities in lands infested with Piece-of-Shit Christians celebrating their own ignorance, and praying to Jesus for the "end times".  


Look at every Harvard PHD graduate this year.  Not one of them is from the United States.  Not one!  Go look.  The only way to fix this arguably unfixable problem, is to stop being so damned "respectful" to Middle Eastern Death Cults.  Yes, if you are a Piece-of-Shit Christian, you are a member of a Middle Eastern Death Cult.  It's how your evil holy book ends.  


Right now the majority of death cult followers are Piece-of-Shit Christians.  This won't be the case in the next thirty years, if they don't start pushing back.  Instead, they respond with idiotic concepts like multi-culturalism.  Islam holds no such values, and considers its holy book "law".  


I encourage every Piece-of-Shit Christian to read the Qu'ran.  This is probably an unreasonable expectation as no Piece-of-Shit Christian has ever read their own "holy book" much less read another death cult's "holy book".  If Piece-of-Shit Christians actually read their "holy book" cover-to-cover, they wouldn't be Piece-of-Shit Christians.  The Piece-of-Shit Christian "holy book" opens with a talking snake and makes the "original sin" knowledge, and it's all the girl's fault; and ends with Piece-of-Shit Jesus eternally torturing billions because they happen to be born in the wrong country, or as a member of the wrong death cult through no choice of their own.  This is what you claim to be your "morality".  

 All the while, you will lie and claim you have some "magic" insight that I just don't have. FUCK YOU! You DON'T have any "magic holy power" that suddenly stops the writings in the bible and the quran, from the evil, ignorant writings of evil ignorant frauds, that they are. You don't have "magic insight" like your child-molesting priest says he does. You are ALL LYING and you all KNOW you are lying.

...but if you say anything, the other liars with imaginary friends won't like you, will they?As Bill Mahar said, "Grow up, or die!" because that's what's at stake here.  


Your belief in imaginary sky-daddies threatens us all as a species.  Please think, if only for a moment. Stop trying to earn the Piece-of-Shit designation.  


Until you do, the HOLY PREFIX stands, and because it comes from an Ordained Minister, it means that the HOLY PREFIX "Piece-of-Shit" is protected as part of my deeply-held religious beliefs.  I expect the same deference that you would give to Piece-of-Shit Christians, and Piece-of-Shit Muslims, and Piece-of-Shit Jews.  While you're at it, try praying to BETTER-THAN-JESUS, you Pieces-of-Shit!



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