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How to Teach Your Toddler the Basics of Science and Maths?

LittleHouseOfScienceOct 4, 2016, 3:40:48 PM

Science and mathematics are two major subjects that students find difficult upon reaching to the secondary school level. However, those who have good foundation of these subjects never have any problems even when they pursue complicated engineering studies. So, it is important for the parents and preschool teachers to well orient their kids about the basics of science and maths. With a strong foundation of the basics of maths and science, kids can pursue the more complex aspects of these subjects with ease. 

Teaching basics of science

Science is based more on observation and kids have the natural drive to be curious and observant. The only problem they have is the ignorance of “how things work”. You can be accurate in describing (by learning it if you don’t know) these to them. You don’t require any postgraduate degree in science to teach your toddler. 

 Learn to look at things differently

Just assist the kids to understand the basic concepts of science by looking at things in a curious way. Ask simple questions to them and ignite their inquisitiveness. Say for example, you can ask them whether a ball can roll by itself? Then how does our earth rotate? You need to work very closely with them during this stage to sit and explore things together.

 Don’t mind getting dirty

Science is all about practical activities, puzzles, objects, shapes, jumping, rolling, dissecting, and making things and what not? The key aspect to know is that learning science is a cumulative effort. New concepts are built on the basis of what they have already learned. Learning science also demands one to be close to nature, observe, and chase things. If you restrict them with the fear of getting dirty, you are restricting them from learning.

 Keep it simple

Make learning science simple. Find easy to understand activities and hobbies and stay focused on those. You can relate things to what your kid is actually interested in or what matches the best to his or her personality traits. Also give them options to pick their own activities to get indulged in.

Teaching mathematics to your toddler

No doubt that math skill is essential for the future of any child. Even if they don’t become engineers or scientists, knowledge of mathematics will be required in their basic everyday life. Let’s explore how you should approach teaching the basics of mathematics to your toddlers.

 Logic first

Before starting to teach math, make sure that they are taught well about the formal logic. If they cannot follow the right logical thinking on the basis of real-world situations, they can never establish a friendly relation with the abstract concepts as numbers.

 Make it age-adjusted

While teaching math lessons, we need to consider their age. There are specific guidelines by educational experts about different stages of kids learning the mathematical concepts. The toddlers and preschoolers are supposed to learn the basics of numbers as to count things. Elementary school kids may focus on arithmetic, addition, and multiplication of single digit numbers. Later at primary school level, they can advance to fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, set theory etc.

 Always use something which they can directly relate to

While teaching a toddler fresh in mathematics, try to make it simple and fun. For example, to get them fully involved, you can use the countable food items, which they like to teach addition or subtraction. To teach division or fraction, make them cut cakes. There are plenty of cool math games also for toddlers as board, card, print, and worksheet games, which can be downloaded freely from internet.

Start today and help your child learn two of the most important subjects!