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Twelve Reasons Why "Requiem of Old Glory" is Different?

Reverend Holliday/J.S. WebsterFeb 8, 2022, 9:07:46 PM

“Requiem of Old Glory” is very different in twelve ways and from what often trends in the mainstream. The style of my writing and the characters are unique. It is important to understand a few very clear differences before you decide to read my book. 

ONE: I am not politically correct, but I did not set out to offend anyone with my writing. However, I won’t change my words or apologize for what I have written. Some people may be offended by my book. I wrote it for lovers of horror, not for the PC crowd. If you are easily offended from any side of the street, then you may want to avoid reading my book.

from Pixabay. No PC

TWO: “The darkness in fiction is often a reflection of reality and a source for every great story.” This is my quote because I find that real life offers ideas for great stories. Circumstances that we face daily - whether they impact us personally or as a nation - can be inspirational and offer ideas for fictional books. My book’s setting, plot, and circumstances are a reflection of reality, yet still fiction. The fictional characters are also normal people in fictional situations. I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but it is clearly fictional.

By Jaslie Sitoy. Miller Sisters

THREE: My stories are very different than what is “trending” in the mainstream. I try not to compare myself to other writers or creators, but my stories are not bad writing or depressing like you will often find in the Mainstream, on the Big Screen, or Netflix. There is a different message - one of hope and unity. I perceive this nation and Americans differently than what you might read or watch in the mainstream.

FOUR: There are real world consequences for the characters in the setting of “Requiem of Old Glory”. There is malice, but there is also justice. There is terror, but there is also courage. There is helplessness, but there is also strength. There are opportunists, but there are also unifying protagonists. There is death, but there is also survival.

FIVE: The characters and their responses to terrifying circumstances are what make my book an excellent read. Each character is unique - some have minor roles, but will have bigger roles in the sequel. Their circumstances are dire - life or death. They are not given time to consider all of their choices, but they always act or react according to their personalities, perspectives, and traits.

By Jaslie Sitoy. Eddie grins evilly

SIX: This 'way' is known - I wrote this book based on three dreams. In 2012 I had three very scary dreams. The first two terrified me, but I wrote them down because they were scary and full of action. There was no plot though - it was just scary dreams - enough for short stories. Then I had a third dream. The third dream tied in with the other two and became “Requiem of Old Glory”.  I wrote this book in 2012, but finished and published it in 2021.

SEVEN: I do not use vulgar words in my books. I try to avoid using vulgarities in my writing, though there are a few minor words that will probably cause offense (refer then to #1). I don’t shun writers that choose to use vulgar words in their writing, but I just choose not to use them. It is a personal preference.

EIGHT: My novel is a fictional horror story with a twist. This is a unique story based on a fictional past event (2015) with fictional future consequences (2035). The twist: it is a chronicle (or a historical book) written by those that survived an apocalyptic event - written to honor the dead and remember the heroines and heroes. It was also written to remind people of their past and not to repeat that past. This is the purpose of all history books. However, the text does not read like a history book. There is a reason for this, but you will have to wait until book three.

From Pixabay. Apocalyptic future

NINE: I depict Christianity from a Christian’s perspective. One of my pet peeves has always been the misrepresentation of Christians in fiction. Christians are almost always depicted as evil, weird, cultists, or murderers in mainstream movies, TV, and books. Christians are not perfect people, but they are also not how they are often negatively portrayed. There is only one Christian in my book - one very strong female character that relies on her faith for survival.

By Jaslie Sitoy. Emily Praying

TEN: Another Pet Peeve I have in writing are stupid characters. Characters that act highly intelligent, capable, and discerning in one chapter or scene, but in the next they are doing very stupid things that could get themselves or their friends/family killed. There is no consistency. Especially scenarios in apocalyptic settings! That is just bad writing, yet the mainstream hype such drivel because let’s face it - the mainstream is lame and clearly think everyone is stupid or easily amused. My characters are consistent. Yes - some do stupid things out of fear or ignorance, but those circumstances are rare and explainable. Most of my characters will either grow from these experiences or act according to their true nature. The readers will grow to love my characters because they are relatable and authentic.

ELEVEN: There are some romantic relationships in my book, but there is no graphic sex. If you are looking for erotism, “Requiem of Old Glory” is not for you. My book is horror fiction, not “Fifty Shades” of smut.

TWELVE: I labeled my book “Mature” because of the violence. There is graphic violence in my book because that is the setting and circumstances that every character faces. Characters face danger on an extreme level and must react accordingly. The antagonists kill indiscriminately - men, women, and children die in the stories. There is also a plot twist in Part 3 that would be too violent for child audiences.

from Pixabay. Skull and bones

My novel is available on Kindle, KOBO, Smashwords, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. Currently my novel is only available on Ebook, but you can purchase it at a variety of places online and in a variety of formats. 

Thank you for your dedication and patronage. You - my fans and readers - make writing a joyfully fun experience. I am hard at work on Book Two and ideas for Book Three. See you soon.

J.S. Webster

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