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UnVaxxed Prejudice: My Experience

Reverend HollidayJul 22, 2021, 5:31:55 PM

The majority of people live in their own bubbles. Just look at the state of the world. Just spend five minutes on TikTok/Instagram and you will see that people have become self-centered and ignorant to anything outside their tiny bubbles. 


In fact it’s so evident that most people can’t break free from those bubbles until something happens that jars them awake to reality. Even then some will fight to stay asleep because that don’t have the courage or mentality to face the truth. We are living in a sad world.

The year of 2020 jarred me awake from that slumber. A lot changed in 2020. I became aware of many things that I did not consider before that have now forced me to question everything - even my own blind loyalty. Some believe I am just older or crazier. No. I am just wide awake. 

In the last few months I have heard stories about people being treated differently or discriminated against for being unvaccinated from Covid. The media pushes it along with the corrupt politicians, so the stories are believable and they angered me. 

Today I want to share my own story of the bullying I experienced from being unvaxxed. Now this is petty in comparison, but I thought I would offer my own experience and perspective. I am only adding information to an already open discussion. Other people have experienced a LOT worse. 

I am chronically ill, so I spend a lot of time at specialist/doctor offices. I had a doctors visit recently and I was treated differently for not responding to the “vaccine” questions. I was harassed because of my refusal to comply with their vaccine interrogation. That’s what I called it because it was not friendly or required. I also made a small scene in the front office though I remained calm and respectful. I was just not compliant. 

I was asked this question at my arrival - “Have you been vaccinated?” Well the obvious answer is yes, but not for Covid. I have had many vaccines jabbed into my body over the years - from past jobs and as a child. I will not take the Covid jab. 

I responded, “I do not feel comfortable answering that question.” 

The administrator responded, “OK”. 

Then I asked, “Why are you asking me this question?”

She replied, “So I know if I need to take your temperature or not.” 

Now I want you to consider these questions: 

  1. Are they not checking the temperature of vaccinated people even though the Vaccinated are still getting Covid?
  2. If their patients are vaccinated why are they still making everyone wear masks and “social distance”?
  3. Was this just an excuse to avoid the real answer?

In order for anyone to be allowed to see a doctor they require you to take a “temperature test”. You cannot see the doctor if you have a fever (which is really stupid if you think about it - why would a sick person not be allowed to see a doctor). This temperature test has been going on since 2020.

Many specialists demand you take a temperature test before you see their doctor. Some follow the CDC guidelines and some follow the State guidelines. You can tell the difference. 

My response to this front desk administrator was: “Whether I am vaccinated or not - you can take my temperature.” 

I believe that the Fever Test of 2021 is a way of marking you as unvaxxed. In 2020 it was a “precaution”, but then we saw no flu deaths for an entire year. Just Covid deaths. If you got sick and died then you died of Covid according to the CDC. Today the fever test is a way of marking you as unvaxxed. 

If you have a fever you will not be permitted to see the doctor in most specialist offices in Florida. My general practitioner no longer tests temperatures, but my specialists do. So why do they still mark your temperature on your chart if you pass the temperature test? I think it is to let everyone know that you are not vaccinated. 

Of course they also require you to fill out an entire section of your medical paperwork dedicated to weeding out the unvaccinated. I left mine blank. I refused to comply and I guess they cannot refuse to treat me, so they chose a lower route.

After I was permitted to see the doctor - the attitudes of my RN and technicians solidified my belief that I was being targeted for not being vaccinated. Now this was not my first time visiting this office. I had been there multiple times before and I have always been treated well. 

Not this time. My RN was a raving “B”. She was extremely hostile towards me though the vaccine question never came up. True. She could have had a bad day, but towards other people she was laughing and smiling. Towards me she was hostile, condescending, and just mean. 

My Doctor was cool. We talked and he helped me out. No hostilities at all, so I am assuming that was just his staff or he was concealing his personal views. I wish they had all concealed their views. 

The technician was not hostile, but they were not the "normal" friendly I was used too and then they started complaining about the mask. She was complaining that she had to wear a mask after almost two years. Everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) had to wear a mask in that office - patients too. So I honestly do not know if she was blaming me or just complaining. Maybe she was just talking or maybe she was projecting. 

Whacha mask got ta do wit me?

Now it’s possible I read too deeply into this situation, but I do not think so. I am pretty good at reading people. I am also a very easy going person and agreeable, but I did buck the system. I hope I am wrong.

With the propaganda being pushed globally to intimate, bully, and subjugate the unvaccinated it makes sense that I was treated that way. Even the Australian MP just said that the “unvaccinated should be controlled & restricted”. That is openly calling for discrimination based on your medical history/choices. That is illegal and unethical, yet who will hold these people accountable?

My experience was enlightening. It might not be your experience, but maybe it will open your eyes one day. People are being bred for the slaughter and demonized by their governing authorities - AGAIN. History is repeating itself.

This is not the first time that governments have demonized and then murdered their own people. I am almost 100% certain this pandemic was staged and that Covid was released into the world population for genocidal/control purposes. That’s not theory - it is what the evidence suggests. Now we are being demonized for refusing to go along with their plans. It makes perfect sense. 

One last question: 

With everything we have witnessed and observed in our nation since 2020 how much more do you think Jefferson or Washington would endure?