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Reverend HollidayFeb 24, 2021, 11:29:06 PM

So let’s discuss a viral topic: what offended you today?

What has offended you this moment? I am certain you can find something that has already offended you today? If not, keep reading.

I am about to be added to your never ending pathetic list of “oppressive” triggers. You are offended by anything you choose in this moment and in this moment you are offended by this rant. If you are not offended yet then please keep reading.

This is my retort to whatever offended you.

You are offensive. Your weakness is offensive to me. If you are triggered by everything that you perceive is offensive than you are obviously suffering from mental illness. It could also mean you never outgrew a diaper. 

You were probably diagnosed with severe anxiety, manic depression, or bipolar disorder, but you won’t take your meds or accept therapy (because all the psychiatrists offended you). You might be sick and easily manipulated, but that does not excuse your actions. 

Instead of treatment and therapy you are demanding that healthy people be force fed your prozac. You want normal healthy people to submit to wearing a straight-jacket and muzzle in their homes, work, and lives. Everyone that offends you deserves a padded cell and everyone offends you. 

You are definitely being exploited, but that is no excuse for destroying people’s lives. That just makes you a weakling and a coward. You are everything you claim to hate. You want to silence everything that offends you, so where does that leave the rest of the world? 

Your oppression is also offensive. You hold up your depraved morality like a shield, but you are the one beating others with a baton. You hate everything that doesn’t fit into your tiny little box of deflated values and then you destroy everyone and everything that does not comply.

Bullying is opposite of everything you espouse yet you are the bully. You are that big boy on the playground beating on that little girl that you believed laughed at you. No one laughed at you - you just perceived she laughed.

“She deserved it! She offended me!  She is a NAZI!” 

She wasn’t laughing at you, but smiling and saying ‘hello’. That doesn’t matter though - you perceived micro aggressions. She deserved a beat down and so you beat her every day on the schoolyard, slashed the tires on her parent’s cars, and threw rocks through her windows. One day you will burn down her home with her baby brother inside because you perceived the her smile was laughter. 

You are not the victim.

All your preaching and all your platitudes are a facade. All your high-horse morality double-standards of tolerance, yet you are the most intolerable person in the world. You tolerate nothing unless it submits to your momentary whims. 

You are the bully playing the victim. You feed off of your abuse and celebrate destruction and forced submission. You are the victimizer. You are everything you claim to hate.

Now you have a collective mob of bullies to force your victims into submission. Your collective movement can be best equated with an irritable bowel movement. Your cult is equivalent to severe diarrhea. Submit or die - that is the mantra of your cult.

You are the antithesis of anything good and just. You are an offense to everything righteous and moral. Everyone is a Nazi except you, little hitler.

You are the poop stain on the white cotton panties of society. After the smoke clears you will be forgotten and that is why you keep trashing and burning down cities. Like the useful idiots of before, you have no place in that fictional utopia your cult preaches. The people you defended and endorsed used you to gain power and they don’t share power with prozac popping manics. 

It is hard to tell you the truth because everything offends you. You probably couldn’t read past my pseudonym without pissing yourself. The only people that actually read this probably agree with me. It is understandable considering you always resort to whinging or violence as the first response. 

Take a break. After you sit for a spell weeping at the pain I have afflicted upon your unstable psyche, you should have mommy Cortez change your diaper. You should also have her add me to her list. I won’t be going away any time soon, so expect a lot more triggering and becoming enraged by my content. 

"Reverend Holliday"