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Proud Boys vs Leftist Terrorism

Reverend HollidayOct 14, 2020, 11:23:15 PM

(I support the PBs. They are Patriotic and they are American representatives. They are not enemies of the state, but they are standing for American rights and they are standing against racism and the violence of the left.)

This interview actually ticked me off. I have a lot to say about it. It reminded me of the Wallace vs Trump debate. It seemed more like an interrogation than an interview. To be fair it is not the entire interview - it is a portion of what was discussed. I have not watched the entire video, but I have watched enough to witness the bias.

My problem with this interview is really the commentary and biased questions. The interviewer pointed blame at the PBs as the aggressors (4:30). Why are these people saying that the PBs should not be going to where the violence is or taking a stand against Antifa/BLM (5:30)? After all of the reporting and after all of the videos of the violence showcasing Antifa/BLM, why is it not an acceptable response to take a stand? 

This is America. Do Americans lay down? 

I would like to address the violence that has been carried out since the time of the Obama Administration and by the Marxist groups called Antifa & BLM. This violence has been happening since before Trump became POTUS. When will it be enough? How long must Americans endure (15:17)? Or should we just lay down our rights and our lives and surrender to tyranny?

How many more Trump supporters need to be shot? How many more innocent bystanders need to be hospitalized? How many more journalists need to be be robbed and beaten? How many more bottles of piss and cement do Antifa/BLM get to throw? How many more statues need to be destroyed? How many more blocks of a city need to be captured by black bloc terrorists? How many more businesses and homes need to be burned out? How many more lives need to be ruined? How long should Americans suffer before you approve of someone willing to confront these bullies and psychopaths? 

The interviewers acted seriously upset that a militant terrorist got stomped by a couple of PBs after he threw a bottle of urine at them. Those bottles of urine are being thrown at women and minorities. When I see these Proud Boys defend peaceful protesters I am applauding them. I am not the only one applauding them. Self-defense and defending peaceful protesters should be lauded, not demonized. 

Have you ever had urine or feces thrown at or on you? I have. Multiple times. Do you know how many pathogens or how much bacteria is in urine? It depends on the person. Do you understand that throwing a bottle of urine is not like sharing a beer with someone? You act like what these violent extremists are doing is petty, but they are literally attempting to expose their victims to dangerous pathogens and bacterias. Did you consider that reality? 

The violence is always started by the Marxists. I have watched many videos - the unedited versions. Antifa/BLM are ALWAYS the aggressors (14:30). They show up to attack peaceful protestors - anyone that is not a part of their violent mob will get their treatment of violence and intimidation. That is their tactic. They use terror tactics and hide their numbers among those that are non-violent. The non-violent “protesters” are camouflage for the violent ones. These Marxists are ALWAYS instigating the violence. 

These Marxist mobs that deem everyone else as racists are the actual racists. They are openly racists like the KKK and will call minority conservatives every racial slur known. They have no shame and they do not hide it. They are no different than the KKK - except they prefer black masks & attire over white robs & hoods. 

The Marxist mobs also single out conservatives, pull them away, and gang up on them with knives, skateboards, bike chains, bottles of cement/piss, and anything that can harm or kill. That is another terror tactic. They single someone out, pull them away, isolate them from help, and then they attack them in a group of 2 or more. 

That tactic is how one communist lost his face. The cops chose not to go to that peaceful protest of another mob of terrorists tearing down statues. Those Antifa tactics failed when the peaceful protester was pulled away and violently attacked - 3 on 1 - and used a gun in self-defense. Justifiable self-defense.

The conservative that defended himself from three armed Antifa terrorists was charged with assault for defending himself. He was charged, but the attackers that were captured on video attacking him and using weapons (including a knife) were not. So basically it is illegal to defend yourself from terrorists. 

Now there is a new Antifa tactic - to call someone out as a Trump supporter and then execute them in the street. The purpose of Antifa/BLM is revolution through murder, maiming, and destruction. Death squads are part of every Marxist revolution. These Antifa/BLM groups are assassinating conservatives and celebrating. 

So why are the Proud Boys at fault? It does not matter what they have said or laughed about in videos. What have Antifa/BLM said and laughed about? Antifa/BLM celebrate every time a Trump supporter or policeman is shot. Are Proud Boys showing up at peaceful protests and assassinating peaceful protesters or police? Are PBs showing up at riots with the intent to shoot rioters? 

“Oh those poor little terrorists. Don’t hurt the terrorists! Don’t stand up to them! That will make it worse! Just give the terrorists what they want!!” That is what the interviewers are saying. "Give in. Lay down. Surrender. Get in those train cars. Go where they tell you. Stand against that wall. Give up your rights. Kneel. Submit. Die."

So how long should Americans be victims of terrorism & violence?  How long should we live in fear (17:57)? What if it was the interviewers targeted? What if it was their head being smashed in with bike chains or tire irons? What if it had been their homes and businesses burned down? What if these Marxists attacked their family or their friends? When will it be enough? No one deserves to be beaten, killed, or to have their lives destroyed by a pack of homicidal communists, but telling everyone else to submit to terror is not a viable option. 

Or is this public chastisement of the Proud Boys because these interviewers fear about getting targeted by the Cancel Culture Marxist mobs? Or maybe they are just Marxists themselves and hate what the Proud Boys represent. I do not know, but this interview showed unjustifiable bias against a group of innocent guys. 

PBs have been slandered, beaten down, and prosecuted by corrupt politicians, yet they are still pushing forward. That is good news for Americans. I want to encourage them not to back down and to ignore this interviewer's cowardice advice and chastisement. 

I have always believed that violence begets violence. You can only bully or push someone for so long before they defend themselves with violence. There is ZERO justification for the violence displayed by Antifa/BLM. What they receive, they deserve. 

There is no justifiable reason for the Marxist violence, but they can expect more unintended consequences. They can claim social injustice, but what they want is to destroy the country and its people by any means necessary. Antifa/BLM will do whatever is necessary to win their revolution.

These groups have national (Soros) and international (CCP) support. They have resources, money, and training. They have been very vocal about who they are and what they want. This is a Marxist revolution on America. More people need to wake up to that reality.

I am not associated with the Proud Boys, but I applaud their purpose. If you are a Proud Boy - thank you for defending the defenseless. Thank you for taking a stand in defense of this great nation. You have my support and you are in my prayers. 

The PBs are not the problem. They are just representatives of angry Americans. They are also angry Americans. All Americans are fed up with the media and the local governments that are allowing the violence to go unchecked. When will it end?

I heard a call for law and order, but in Democratic controlled cities/states there is no law and order. There is chaos and Americans being oppressed, beaten, and murdered. The Democrats released violent felons to join and lead a lot of these violent riots. School teachers and politicians are also leading the violent protests. What we are witnessing has pushed past the threshold of sedition - yet it has been unchecked and allowed to continue.

I heard Trump quoted about the Proud Boys “standing down”. That sounded exactly like Wallace demanding Trump to make those Proud Boys stand down. The interviewer could be the next Chris Wallace. Just because these Marxist terrorists labeled PBs as racists and aggressors does not make it true. They are neither. They are not the bad guys. 

The interviewers also said that they oppose more government (federalized police), but they want the police to handle the violence (20:20). Are the police quelling the violence now? How long have these riots been happening? How many riots are currently in effect? State and local police have been stripped of their authority. They are not doing their jobs. 

The DAs and politicians (mayors, governors) are not prosecuting these rioters/looters/killers -  they are releasing them. How can law & order prevail without creating more government or federalizing more police? Here is another question - Do you want the same federal organizations that plotted a coup against Trump to have more powers of arrest? What if these federalized police will not give up their power once this rebellion is quelled?

What the interviewers described as law and order does not make sense. We cannot have one thing without the other - you cannot have less government and more federalized police. What it sounds like to me is that they really want safety and peace, but not freedom. Safety and peace would mean surrendering our freedom to the Mob. 

There are rabid wolves in the streets attacking peaceful people. The mob that uses terror and violence to push Marxism and destroy America are those rabid wolves. Those that will not lay down and will not tolerate injustice are the sheepdogs sent to guard against the rabid wolves. The Proud Boys are the Sheepdogs. 

One thing these interviews said that I agree with is that the PBs need to protect their organization by hiring lawyers to represent them. Antifa/BLM are well-organized, well-trained, and financially supported by billionaires and communist countries. They have an elite firm of 150+ lawyers that defend their violence and image. PBs need support and liability protections. 

A Summary: the interviewers believe Americans should just sit by and allow the violence. Proud Boys are the ones at fault. Police are not protecting citizens and our leaders are either supporting the violence or not doing enough to stop the violence. Americans should just accept the spread of violence and allow these terrorists to do what they want without response. Americans should surrender to terrorism.

My Conclusion: The left idolize a psychopath called Che Guevara. He shot and killed unarmed men, women, and children in the streets. He created death squads to round up and execute the opposition or traitors of his Marxist revolution (the racists and the Trump supporters). Marxists idolize this psychopath.

That is exactly where the violence has now escalated - that is the new tactic of Antifa/BLM. Death Squads. So when will it be enough? Where do we draw the line? Or should we just be good serfs and lay down for our new masters? Should we just give up and give in to the terrorism? Can we trust them to spare our lives or to stop the violence? Would they be merciful even we did surrender?

History reminds us of the truth of Marxism. 

I will not submit to terror or tyranny. I stand with the Proud Boys. They are in the right. They are taking a stand in the gap. They are patriotic Americans. They have earned our respect and our support. 


We are Americans and we do not lie down. 







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