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I believe in a safe world. I believe in the right to say what I want. I believe in the rights of women. I believe in the rights of men. I believe in equality for all.
Photographer on the move, I shoot digital and analog, medium format , phone ... anything that can create a photo or a video
Secular centrist views on national news and other current events. No centrist does not mean fence sitting. That’s a child’s understanding. Centrism is simply not deferring to the left or right on any given issue out of default. Sometimes we may side with neither but we go on a case by case basis because we have this wild idea that maybe one side doesn’t hold all the answers.
笨蛋 hacker, philosopher, speaker of languages, deeply political.
Alternative thinking creative culture 21st century
CERAMIC LOFT is a collective of ceramic artists from Singapore. We create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that are a combination of quality materials and artisanship. Pieces imbued with our passion for clay and reflective of our artistic inspirations.
Jun 2021
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