ABOUT MR EVAN MrEvan is a fun, inspired performer, and recognized MTAC piano teacher and coach of both contemporary and classical music styles. He is a grad of the UCLA Music Dept, holds a Clear Credential K-12 from CSUDH in Music and has taught all piano levels for over 40 years. MrEvan's students find the variety and challenge they need to spark their interest in piano practice. Those who are drawn to popular styles will find a home and learning environment that furthers their knowledge of style, chords, and improv. Those who are classically oriented will find themselves in a rich program to nurture all aspects of classical piano performance including theory programs and competitions. MrEvan's students are beginning, intermediate and those who find great satisfaction in advanced piano study. MrEvan is known for his exceptional gift of communication with students He has great practical educational experience with special needs pianists as well.

"Quid est eruditio? Nosse rerum differentias, et posse unumquodque suo nomine designare." -- John Amos Comenius About me: Amateur philosopher, traditionalist, wavering atheist and language enthusiast.

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British, mostly into music production and video editing, just here to keep up with my favorite content creators and activists. Strong advocate of free speech and common sense, basically I like this site for not being under the censorship of The Zucc and it's subroutines. Most of my posts will just be sharing of content that the censors don't want to be shared, and to support the creators.

US Navy Veteran (Submarine Communications,) Bartender, Storyteller, Rancher, Publisher, Streamer, BBA Entrepreneurship University of Cincinnati

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