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| MONDAY | “Waking Infinity News, Microdoses, & Teasers” | TUESDAY/WED | “Exclusive Content” (Members Only) | THURSDAY | “Ben Stewart Podcast” (Live 5:00 PM EST) CoHost/Producer: [email protected]_Cummings | FRIDAY | “FRIDAY NIGHT ACOUSTIC” Filmmaker, Artist, Soundtrack Producer & Lifestyle Consultant. Founder of Talismanic Idols Productions. 🎬🎥🎙 Ben is the Creator/Director of "Awake In The Darkness, DMT Quest, Psychedelica, Limitless, Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica, Ungrip, The Magic Plant, Ben Stewart Podcast, and The Waking Infinity Series." Join our kickass Discord community! Support & Access Exclusive Content! Check Out My Latest Documentaries - “Awake In The Darkness” - "DMT QUEST" - Gaia shows "Psychedelica" & "Limitless" available with a free trial. - Like & Follow, Much Love - Rumble: Minds: Instagram: Twitter: Bitchute: TikTok: Odysse: Twitch:
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