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Want some DMT? Just breath. It's in there. Watch my latest documentary based off John Chavez's life work called DMT QUEST. It's all about DMT in the brain and includes Wim "The Iceman" Hof, Dr. Rick Strassman (Author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule), Dennis McKenna (legend), Mauro Zappaterra (CSF Specialist) and more. You do not want to miss this edutainment doc. #Documentary #ConsciousMedia #Breathe #DMT #NeuroScience
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Official Music Video - Hierosonic - The Media Taught You That

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"Ben Stewart is a true inspiration as a creative and a brother. He has played Lollapalooza in a band, produced multiple incredible programs including “Psychedelica” on Gaia. He’s the host of the podcast “Walking Infinity News” where he gets to bring the world his view of it and the topics that resonate with him. Enjoy fam!" - Check out my amazing talk with Kyle Kingsbury. Wide ranging discussion, deeply appreciated the time we had together. #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #News #Culture #Psychedelics
1.07k views · Feb 24th
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"What REALLY happens at Davos? A clip from my podcast Under The Skin with Joel Bakan. Joel has attended Davos and has documented what really happens there and reveals what the true intentions of big businesses and CEOS are. Joel has recently published a book, The New Corporation: How “Good” Corporations are Bad for Democracy, and released a documentary film based upon it. You can find out more about both at" #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #Journalism #Truth #Davos
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Elon Musk talks Extraterrestrials and Ancient Archeology. I simply point out that there are a few ancient artifacts worth looking at that may point to a much older human race or possibly alien influence. There's far more evidence of humans being far older than 200,000 years old than Alien influence, but a 290 million year old microchip embedded in a rock may be potential evidence. At last we look at lunar artifacts in images released from NASA archives in 2016. Curious to say the least. #AWAKEN #News #ConsciousMedia #AncientArcheology #ETs
1.07k views · Feb 19th
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'Prolific author Steven Kotler has done the research to become the modern maven of FLOW STATE. This podcast not only describes all of the astounding performance benefits of this intensely pleasurable neuro-hormonal state, it also gives concrete takeaways to harness it for your benefit. No matter who you are, you don’t want to miss out on this information--applying these principles will literally change your life for the better." #AWAKEN #ConsciousMedia #Solutions #Neuroscience #FlowState
77 views · Feb 16th