The phrase ‘Beauty Saves The World’ comes from the book ‘The Idiot’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Somehow I feel that there is a lot of truth in his words and I am trying to take his phrase to improve myself and the world around. On my blog page I want to show you the beauty of the world in form of photography, art and creative writing. Maybe I can inspire you to start saving your world with beauty, too!
Views24.06k Hobby photographer with a passion for birds of prey. With more than 100.000 original photos we want to enchant you. Have fun and enjoy the pictures. I would be very happy about votes and followers. Greetings your Chrissy ♡ (Animal Photographers) (Macro Photographers) #animalphotographers #animalphotography #macrophotographers #marcophotograpy
Minnesota-based photographer specializing in landscape photography from around the world. I hope you enjoy my work and please leave a comment if you see something that speaks to you. As an artist I love it when people share their experiences with me. All photos are available (until sold out) as limited edition prints on my website:
Explorer of truth
Photography, Music, My Cat Cali and My Atheism Keep Me Sane
Documentary Photographer based in The Netherlands
Published Freelance Photographer Capture Essence & Deliver Emotions IG: @cameronkaseman
Graphic Designer & Illustrator who thinks free speech is pretty dope. Follow me on IG @xandi-collective
Artist Working with Painting, Drawing, Photography & Mixed Media
Feb 2019
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