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Bob Saget RAPED and KILLED a girl in 1990!
It me Julia the great onion lord draenei ass enthusiast
Super straight bigot.
Politically blackpilled 🇮🇳 immigrant to 🇨🇦 Alt: @cathgirlrach temporary deactivated on twitter
Former leftist weeb turned right-leaning centrist weeb. I came here to be able to say what I want when I want. Still trying to decide what kind of content I'll make here. Fuck actual fascism, fuck commies, fuck the CCP, fuck corporations. I support my fellow human beings who are sick of being stomped upon, even if they believe in a different solution to our problem.
We all live on a flat and stationary plane called Earth.
Artist. Chill Canuck. Egalitarian. Internet Grandma. Tea Addict. 57kg Powerlifter. Working on a story called DIVE. Commissions are CLOSED.
Hi I'm Toasty! Libertarian. Lover of Anime. DM. I lurk a lil' too much. NSFW some times. #Joyconboyz
hi I post anime, games, nsfw stuff and any combination of those three. sometimes politics when I'm bored. banned on Gab and blocked by their Twitter pfp by @cogafire minors dni
Rapper, occasional producer, owner of all things 2D.
i love sushi, foxes, and @BitchAssBowie
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Jan 2021
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