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Nonstop truth-seeker focused on finding our hidden history and exposing lies.
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Some call me Armouro. Others, do not. I am searching for something.
I am a researcher, philosopher and seeker of truth. I am currently researching the hidden empire of Tartaria, which is at the heart of everything that is related to the truth movement. What sets my research apart is the sheer volume of books and images I have scanned on digitized archives in search of all old world media - art, stamps, drawings, engravings, photographs. I have seen patterns in antiquity few others have had the chance to see, for the simple fact that the data has only recently been made public. My most mindblowing discovery is that the medieval lance was a powerful gun - and not just a poking stick. The lancegun had two confirmed firing mechanisms - one pneumatic (wind gun - confirmed) and one other (still more research needs to be done). I present my research here (8 minutes in): Follow me to get updates on my findings and to see the content I produce with my fellow researchers on the Xirtus youtube channel.
Independent movie maker ! Redaksjon.Kaktus @ youtube Donasjoner, ja takk :) Vipps Redaksjon.Kaktus : 606389
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Aug 2019
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