just trying to make a point.

Fixing up my old Zaku II. Don't give up on yourself ya.

Finance professor specializing in commodities, manipulation, and clearing. Putting the oi! in oil. Liberty & punk. Blogs at

Working to provide commentary to challenge cultural orthodoxy and the burgeoning authoritarian streak rising in counter to the populist movement.

System Administrator with over 8 years of experience in the Customer service world and a jack-of-all-trades mentality that has fostered the ability to both enjoy the nitty-gritty in a role while also still being able to to see the forest for the trees. That jack-of-all-trades mentality can be backed up by previous positions as an Assistant Department Manager at a grocery store, frontline Customer Support at REI ant then Amazon , followed by a jump into Workforce Management as a Real Time Traffic Analyst and finally to a system Administrator for both the CS and Trust organizations at Airbnb.

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Political Analyst. BYOB to the Gulags. Stand up for free speech and against Big Tech.

Life is tough and it will try to change you, but I am tougher and cannot be changed.

If you think my hands are full being a Patriot, Mother, Wife, Worker, Animal Rescuer, Inventor, Artist , Writer, Cook, Entrepreneur, much much more , then you should see my heart.

Jan 2021
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