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Helpful Hint. Hello, Best way to get a Subscribe back from me is to comment on one of my posts. BTW, If you down vote ANY of my posts, I will BLOCK you. If you're offended, better that you block me first :) Thank you... I know troubleshooting yourself in the foot and acting as center of your own universe is a tricky dichotomy to deal with but, yes, you ARE the center of the universe. If you weren't you wouldn't be here. So as the middle of space and everything floating in it it is your job to know that the emptiness is just emptiness, that the stars are stars, and that the flying rocks – fuckin' hurt, so please stop inviting walls into wide open spaces.

The axioms of existence are unaffected by opinions. Irrational idealism is an epidemic. Lack of logic, cause and effect analysis as well as pervasive cognitive bias ever-increasing within the majority's repertoire of EMULATED thought processes are more dangerous than any other issues society faces. Negative feedback is not a crime. The majority of the population are not going to stop being ignorant to the point of criminal negligence just because you asked nicely. Stop being a honeydicker; negative feedback is required to stop the corrupted positive feedback loops, (if you are actually capable of knowing the actually truth of any matter that is & of course, you probably are not so you should stfu.) If you like logical thinking and you want to express that then give an upvote and remind but do not use your positive feedback as an advertisement by inserting your brand name in my thread. This thread is for the purpose of learning; not bullshit. Alongside of that; links are not necessarily "spam". If you are a seasoned intellectual and sharing well thought-out or researched intellectual content; superlative! I actually prefer a link rather than a wall of text. The MAJORITY better be paying attention right here! The majority of the population are wrong about everything they've ever thought was reasonable. It's just too simple to be true. As I am regularly showing people the complex perspective they commonly try to argue with me. (Imagine if YOU actually knew what you're talkin about and 90% of the people that talk to you all think they are an authority and they all have the exact same logically flawed, cognitively biased and ignorant arguments. Imagine that that's all you hear, day in and day out. Imagine how many times you have to repeat yourself. Are you even capable of empathizing? That's doubtful. Tread lightly here.) You don't want to agree with me, that's fine. Just don't bother me with it or with your asinine opinions about it; go find somebody else to argue with. I'm not your intellectual punching bag. Trolls and argumentative people will be blocked and any trace of them will be removed. (The majority are so ignorant that they become a liability and on top of it there are petty psychological terrorists and shills that use high school debate team bullshit as a weapon.) This is a haven for seasoned intellectuals, not petty children trying to play games. Adults understand that in order to understand we must focus on productive lines of questioning. I respect specialized expressions of consciousness and accuracy. Efficiency. That level of intellectual is welcomed and if you're not on that level then just read the productive expressions of logic, science and communications displayed in the threads here. #darkweb #intellectual #darkwebintellectual #Logical #Thinking For future gatherings, (group voice/video chat) join my group.

Who doesn't like a sexy ass??? If you like any of the pictures I post, please press the like button, so I get more points to boost those fine asses. Wires welcome! I do a lot of "research " to find these pictures. Not that I'm complaining!

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Male, he, him, this fucker here, Boomer on the xer cusp, egyptology, heathen savage, Omnivore,Vegan troll, Memeshitposter, Bad Dad, Punisher.

"You say my manner of thinking cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others!" -The Marquis de Sade

British. Brexit. Gay. Nationalist. We are going to utterly destroy the New World Order and arrest the treasonous scum who sold out the West. Coming soon to a reality near you.

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