Human, almost Perfectly happy to be proven wrong, it´s almost like having a hobby. :) Every person have a story and nobodies entitled to hear it. But if you stick around long enough, they´ll want to tell you themselves. "When you tear out a mans tongue, you´re not proving him a liar, you´re only telling the world that you fear what he might say" - George R.R. Martin, 1998 "I´m not your attorney, I´m not Vic´s attorney. I´m just a guy on the internet laughing at how stupid you are. Get bend, you moron!" - N. Rekieta, Rekieta Law, 2019
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Might you be one of those people who like old video games? Then this site is just for you!

National Socialist with Korean characteristics

Somewhere I can post my comedy without fear of censorship

Misterleau is a trusted platform and provides the best services.You can see your best picks.

My Overland adventures in the Beautiful State of Utah. Driving a stock (for now) 1997 Toyota LandCruiser. What is Overlanding? IMO it is Off Roading + Car Camping = Overlanding.

Figuring out minds. A big fan of MGs. Will probably post a variety of stuff.

Written by a group of friends who were bored at school one day -Full Of Turtle- Fish and only fish and only if fish will there be fish if i feel the fish will the tuna be solid around the swordfish is the ocean fish if grasped by the fish up the fish will you see my fish playing with your fish in the big fish when the fish is the fish be sure to squirm the fish near the dead fish? Fish means turtle and turtle means ham fish because fish and chicken fish can you smell your fish -Shteve, Devin, and Kyhole

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