Emotional Management at the subatomic level accompaniments to the unconscious >>> 0 <<< Gestión Emocional a nivel subatómico Acompañamientos al Inconsciente Acompañantes en Bioneuroemoción® --- O --- The human being is aware of the 3% of the information that surrounds him. The remaining 97% belongs to our subconscious and governs our lives. After the Big Bang, the quantum states (photon, wave) and physics (electron) appear at the same time. After that it's the turn of chemistry (emotions), biology (epigenetics) and psychology (beliefs). For here is the scientific path to the comprehension of our emotions and spirituality. >>> O <<< L’être humain est conscient du 3% de l’information qui l’entoure. Le 97% restant appartient à notre inconscient et régit nos vies. Aprés le Big-Bang, apparaissent en même temps les états quantiques (photon, onde) et physique (électron). Après c’est le tour de la chimie (émotions), la biologie (épigénétique) et la psychologie (croyances). Pour voici le chemin scientifique vers la compréhension de nos émotions et la spiritualité. >>> = <<< Quản lý cảm xúc ở cấp độ hạ nguyên tử đệm vào vô ý thức >>> 0 <<< Con người nhận thức được 3% thông tin bao quanh anh ta. 97% còn lại thuộc về tiềm thức của chúng ta và điều chỉnh cuộc sống của chúng ta. Sau Big Bang, các trạng thái lượng tử (photon, sóng) và vật lý (electron) xuất hiện cùng một lúc. Sau đó là biến hóa học (cảm xúc), sinh học (biểu sinh) và tâm lý học (niềm tin). Đối với đây là con đường khoa học để hiểu được cảm xúc và tâm linh của chúng ta.
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I love Orgasmic Experiences, I can easily die of boredom. I can't handle normose infected people. Music, Aircraft's, Bikes, Computers, Mechanical Clocks, Electronics all that things and stuff...

In the place where you stood, the air's filling in. I search for a world where nets catch the wind..

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Peace Love and Empathy 🙈🙉🙊 Welcome friends @MINDS I hope you enjoy my channel. If you like something, please feel free to remind, I will return favor when possible. 😊 I devote a lot of time sharing a favorite Artist, George Redhawk. MINDS Click 'posts' in # search to find all tagged posts; #GeorgeRedhawk #Art #TheRedhawkEffect You can get to know him here, I love his work. I also like to (brag) share some of my talented daughter Charli's Tattoo art. Of course I am very proud, but Charli is an amazing and accomplished Artist in her own right. ❤️ To check out her work find her here; In (posts) when you click on a tagg (#) #charlifaure #charlifauretattoo #charlifury #charlifurytattoo I love to find the best in people. I chose not to share my political opinions here and am not biased by yours. Wall of Honor @Milica42 @teklordz @Infinite2d @maddforit @Netjr @GreenDeen @ladyhug @Shannon222 @blujimbo @RedDragonLS @Acratopotes @Overrun @MariPia @Secftblgirl @gingered @JaeNet

Thoughtcrime Terrorist - proudly present on every watch list known to Satan 🌹 #digitalchemy Meme Mystagogue & Shepherd of #TheGreatMigration at the School of Minds since July 2015 🏛️💡 Student of the Creative Spirit, whose will is Love ❤️ 💡Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter! ⚡Truth is coming and it can't be stopped, let it hit you with the lightning strike of true gnosis! ⚖️Prophecy of Hermes Trismegistus🗝️ "...all voices of the gods will be forced into silence; the fruits of the Earth will rot; the soil will turn barren, and the very air will sicken with sullen stagnation; all things will be disordered and awry, all good will disappear. But when all this has befallen, Asclepius, then God the Creator of all things will look on that which has come to pass, and will stop the disorder by the counterforce of his will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray; he will cleanse the world of evil..." - god of revelation, lord of thought and sovereign psychopomp 'Virtue,' says Socrates, 'is knowledge'; in the ultimate harmony of morality with reason is to be found the only true existence of man. Psychochemist and Ticket Distributor at Ferryman Expeditions - first class adventures to the underworld 🍄☠️☥🦋 (PM for tickets) 🌹 ☥∞☯∞☥ ∞ BTC bc1qs5nuh4lzfcqs9cnn3e7ykny2pfktm8ezcj0jhq

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