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When Lies rain up on the Planet, Truth will be our Umbrella. Rationalist,.Theorize on Logic and Reason.Follower of Buddhist Life Philosophy. Politics, Centrism, Science, Esoteric KeKism, MeMe Collector, Nationalist., Islamo-Realist. Namaste... .

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You’re missing the point if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, just go make something happen. 1MiKB2xAahKuPURPcP5ssCMnRWJ3VPNzeT

Sometimes satirical. Sometimes not.

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Every general political orientation holds some values, that are useful and benefiting the society. so my mind is all ways open for opinions and i am willing to discuss. Also truth seeker, tinker and wannabe engineer alternative profile: @Muselmann_Reloadet

Oathsworn Lawful Rebel first and foremost. Truther, bounty killer, pedo hunter and common law McKenzie advisor by trade...

Full Coverage of #MMM . November 5th! The only day of the year that people will actually take to the streets to represent a cause and stand against oppression. It matters not what misrepresentation may be there, only that YOU represent YOUR ideas. Put aside hesitation and act! - - - Find a March: - - - Earn Points!: Upload your original content from #MMM and tag us or forward us links to current events all around the world to gain points respectively as reward at the end of the event. (I am looking to dry out my wallet) - - - MillionMindsMarch is not about any organization or any new-age, hivemind movement. It is about ideas and spreading concepts of a better society to the regularly silent masses! - - - Information Blog: Coming SOON. (Details for those AntiFacebook and those looking for tips on security protocol.) - - - Current contributors: @govspiders @rumple @sehvehn @fretzcapo

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