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Ideas, doodles, art, jokes, design & comics 🏴‍☠️
This is for people who strive for stoicism in this modern society. Civil Debate civil discourse. Truth can be had when people's ego is in check
Helping to decorate the hallways of minds, feel free to join ,upload, indulge & post; boost if you're feeling flush.
🔞 A place to share Art's pics but don't forget to mention the author if you know the name. If it's not a painting, choose a more appropriate group! Artistic photos : Moderator : @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche I delete publications not related to the topics of this group. Please avoid low quality images, blurry, or pixelized pics Thanks
This group is for anybody here at Minds who wants to talk autism. It isn't just a clique-y group for those who ARE on the autism spectrum themselves or for those who have LOVED ones - children, siblings, spouses etc. - on the autism spectrum. Anyone who truly WANTS to learn more about what autism is and how it affects those living with it is welcome. There are no rules (well, there's ONE..., as a member OF this group you cannot block the creator, that's just bad form 🤨), this is an open - currently unmoderated - group where you can talk/ask about anything and everything autism related, as long as you keep it somewhat CIVIL. You participate at your own discretion - don't talk about things you don't want others to know about. Also, if there's anything written/mentioned in a post or comment that you don't understand for whatever reason, just ASK. Someone will be able to explain it to you. There ARE no stupid questions. Group created: October 19, 2020 Creator: Mrs. @entryreqrd #ActuallyAutistic #LetsTalkAutism #AutismAwareness
Hi, All! Welcome to Dogs and Puppies Are Funny. This is Your Group to Post All Your Funny Dog and Puppy Pics and Videos! Enjoy! MOST WISHED FOR PET STUFF! ******* ******* OTHER GROUPS ~~~~~~~~~~~ HOME PAGE WEDDINGS WEDDING INFORMATION AND TIPS! DOGS & PUPPIES ARE FUNNY! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS GAMES NATURAL HEALTH & FITNESS TIPS BEAUTY MAKEUP, HAIR, FASHION, NAIL ART VINTAGE CELEBRITY PHOTOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ETH Donations Gratefully and Humbly Accepted and Appreciated! 0x062aF0c3AC7B498e3aC34A1372e2E3Fc58618142
Welcome to a new group for people aspiring to be authors, or who have taken the leap into the publishing world. group chat -!
A place for creators (artists and writers) to communicate, collaborate, and interact among themselves and their audience.
Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game originally designed by Gary #Gygax and Dave #Arneson. It was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc.. The game has been published by #Wizards of the Coast since 1997. #Dungeons #Dragons #RPGS #TSR #Tabletop #gaming @MindsGaming #Mindsgaming @CaptainMarvelJr #CaptainMarvelJr
A group to find new frens, based off the #FrenFinder hashtag. Promote yourself, your work or just simply post what you enjoy and what you normally post about then let the frens come to you. Please don't spam and don't post any Minds+ content here, this group is for everyone to help us all grow. Please keep #FrenFinder posts on the feed below to no more than one post per person per week, we want it to be easy to scroll for everyone, too many posts means too much clutter. Be excellent to each other. Group run by @klara_sjo Moderated by @penitusvox @deckenkatze and @timoburnham
A group for all things tomboy. Mostly 2d but 3d is fine too. NSFW is allowed but needs to be tagged. Memes are welcome.
A group to discuss all things science fiction - reading, writing, gaming, etc. Let's try to minimize talk of the big-name corporate media franchises and fandoms, though it's not against the rules to mention them from time to time. This group has a Minds chat channel:
The United States of Long Florida and Turbohio Patriotic Shitposting (both ironic and unironic) Electric Boogaloo Memes Pro-America Memes No Commies >anti communist memes are ok >sexually harassing communists is encouraged Hornt Posting is (only allowed if Patriotic) Floridaman = @tardvark Turbohioan ambassador to Long Florida = @pr3pp3rchan_official War Criminal = @Tay_Tweets_ReBorn #florida #floridaman #floridamanfridays #floridamanfriday #long_florida #ohio #turbohio #ohioman #based #merica #murica #muricafuckyeah #1776 #freedom #freedomfries #americafirst #america #donttreadonme #guns #patriot #patriots #patriotism #patriotic
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