New Humor Publication Project -- Call for original printable submissions on humor, or fun activity. The Humor Activity Club is organizing this, and there is a plan release a new issue about once every two months. A goal is to release the first one in about mid to late June 2018, but that is subject to change. Currently, accepting original submissions of either ideas, collages, photos, poetry, art, one liners, jokes, satire, games, puzzles and any items related to humor and fun activity. It could be similar to MAD, but different in a H.A. Club type of way, and with a focus of interesting humor with rating of about a PG-13 to PG-17, or safer. Opportunity for expressing your unique expressions in print. NOTES on Intellectual Property: For submissions and the final printed copies, the copyright shall be shared. In other words, the contributors shall retain their own copyright, but shall share it with the publication when printed from the H.A. Club. Update Plans: First priority is to get a early pilot test run going for early an edition and to learn some real word self-publishing lessons. NOTES on Possible Publication: The overall pages are planned for about 56, which does not include cover. The size is going to be about 10.5 inches; x 8.25 inches; and half of pages shall be color, and other half shall be black and white. The quantity of the first printing of the first issue may be about 100 to 1500, or possibly more. Final title of the magazine is not yet determined, but it is preferred to be a single word, or hyphenated word, or maybe two words. Vision NOTES: Many themes are relative to the magazine shall be based on various humor ideals, possible thought provoking topics or goals of combined humor, fun activity, new ideas; and unique ways of viewing issues; and on the overall H.A. Club's vision statement, which is available from its social media sites, or by request. -- Key Question: What could go wrong or right?
Sound Ecology, Musical Activism, Sound Healing and the Phonosphere of the Earth
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Oct 2017
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