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I am a Person of Light. My pronoun is PoL The one subject on earth in which humans are most involved; Humans. "Some lead by example, others gently guide their partners and try to get out of their way when possible, Even others reign over those they engage with like dictators. I do think however that one needs to be a Primus inter Pares. Or ‘First Among Equals’. One rule is to always work with people and see where they are better than you are at what they do; That also means you can not be a leader who thinks he is better than everybody else. If that would be the case you would’ve engaged with the wrong people." All video material is public domain bar rights claimed on extracts of 3rd partys within, I personally do not support their notions of copyright when talking about extracts nor the lifetime+99 years nonsensical "our idea was so original" bullshiite but I can't guarantee people will not make claims, user beware, if necessary I am willing to make a defense on any used content, as none is "in full as original" and none is "for sale product" and nor will they ever be. I will not make any copyright claims, ever on any material, feel free to use in whatever form in your ideas that build on mine which were build on others which were build on others; its what makes humans great.
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The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular cultural symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill). The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix."

GIG: I trade currencies old and new. I also specialize in the area of trading with #ADHD. ABOUT: Married with 3 kids and a labradoodle LIKES: Howard Stern interviews, music, television, film, eating out, vodka, running DISLIKES: Reading, people who use the '👎' HOURS ONLINE: Monday to Friday (Midnight to 5pm Eastern)

Let's come together, lets free our minds.

Just a ignorant mediocre human that is trying to learn more about the world.I also see myself as a secular humanist .

Nationalsocialist & Truthseeker

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Dec 2016
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