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The Prodigal Son

Scott DuncanApr 11, 2017, 5:34:49 PM

A few words on the subject of being right. 


My name is Scott Duncan.  I am trusted with a lot of secrets, and I keep those secrets by being honest.  It's counter-intuitive, but it works profoundly well.  I write on these relatively obscure mediums which, while public, aren't actively promoted.  This is by design.  Only those who have been following me for the past four years will truly understand what I'm saying here; and the rest of you, of course, will misinterpret it.  Know that any action that you take based on that misinterpretation, is by design.  I fully expect you to do the wrong thing, based on the wrong perception, and when you do, that makes you my servant.  


If you don't understand me, you serve me, because you're all boringly predictable.  I am who I am mostly because of circumstances I did not choose, and it's only because of the desire to "do the right thing" that your owners failed so spectacularly with me.  Time and time again, I demonstrate that I am right, and that I'm doing "what's right"...and I'm starting to get more people who realize that, yet who opposed me visciously in the past.  So let me stress again a point you may not have grasped.  I know more than you.  I know more than you because I wasn't crippled like you.  It takes years for me to get across the most basic things that are demonstrably true, but that you will at least initially, will insist are not.  As I often confess, I have no concept of what it is to be you.  I don't know what it's like not to know.  After a half century of trying to answer these questions I have come to the conclusion that...I just don't care.  Most of you love your programming so much that you are "unfixable" and unteachable.  


As I write this, eighty percent (80%) of the world's population thinks it's perfectly rational to be an adult with an imaginary friend from a middle eastern death cult.  It's 2017 - Two thousand,  seventeen years, after the alleged execution or birth of a character from one of those middle eastern death cults. Why does Piece-of-Shit Jesus die on a different day every year? ...and fuck off with this "Passover" shit. A date is a date.

...I digress. Anyone who thinks the above beliefs are rational, is simply too far gone, and cannot be saved (irony).


One of the stories from these middle eastern death cults, is the tale of the Prodigal Son.  If you don't know the story, go and read it.  Notice that I never discourage anyone from reading a "holy book".  It's the one thing that followers of the "death cults" never do.  I want you to read the bible.  I want you to read the Qu'ran AND the Hadiths.  I want you to read the Torah AND the Talmud(s).  Reading these books cover-to-cover is the quickest path out of the death cult trap.  I especially want you to read the Qu'ran, where the precious few good things in it are abbrogated by later verses.  In this case I just want you to read the story of the Prodigal Son.  This story is a perfect example of how death cults try to convince you that good things are bad, bad things are good, and that pointing out this deliberate lie is justification for violence.  In all of the middle eastern death cults, the "original sin" is knowledge...and it's the girl's fault, because...talking snakes.  Seriously, they all open with that.


But this is about the Prodigal Son - the tale of two brothers, one of whom stays loyal to his family, tends the lands, and basically works in the family's best interest.  Whereas the other brother wanted to see the world, and snort coke off the back of hookers and shit (which, don't get me wrong...every once in a while), but essentially abandoning the family and its interests, which he was totally entitled to do.  The offensive part of this story is when the roaming son returns and all is forgiven, and the little asshole is treated like a king.  True equitable justice in this story is that the loyal brother kills the father and the brother, and his mother gets stuck in the local brothel to generate revenue so he can live the rest of his life in comfort.  Loyalty goes both ways, and they don't want you to think that.  In reality, this is not a moral story no matter which one you're reading, as it totally invalidates the work of the loyal brother.  In fact it removes all agency from him at all.  


These false moral stories, and their spread, are part of a tried-and-true social engineering mechanism that has existed since the 1500's.  "Everybody knows" the parable of the Prodigal Son, and those who listen to what I have to say know very well to pay close attention to those things that "everybody knows".  In fact, "everybody knows" is literally how we categorize this phenomenon.  That's what we named it.  It's an 'everybody knows' program function.  These mechanisms, although cheaper over time, are insanely expensive and time-consuming to put into place.  Some long-dead stranger thought it was very important that you think good things are bad.  The Torah, the Bible, the Qu'ran, are all filled with these insidious mechanisms.  There are countless examples on every scale where "bad" is sold as "good", and "good" is sold as "bad".  Here's a fun fact that drives Christians up the wall.  If you tally up Yahweh's body count, it comes in at just over 14,000,000 (fourteen million).  Compare that now to the "evil bad guy" (Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, etc.) who arguably has a body-count of 10 - plus a few pigs.  This is pretty statistically relevant math.  I have yet to encounter a rational argument where killing 14,000,000 million is good, but killing 10 is bad; and remember these all happened in the same context, so offering retarded examples like "killing 10 world leaders" is worse than killing 14,000,000 peasants, is sort of futile.  


Notice none of these books ever offer "stop hurting each other" as their moral center, or even as an option.  Even Piece-of-Shit Jesus offered lots of reasons to hurt people.  Even the universal Ten Commandments don't condemn rape or slavery, but you'd better not have any graven images!  


To those who offer apologist's answers like, "It was a different time" (so God was wrong then?), and the countless other excuses you make to cherry-pick, I invite you to apply this logic universally.  Then, at your next meal, allow me to take a big, steaming shit, right in the middle of your food.  I'll offer you the same logic; "There's still nutritious food there, just eat around the shit" (There's good stuff in the Bible, just ignore the evil shit!) ...Do you get my point here?  There's nothing good, ethical or moral, about these "Holy Books".  You don't have some magical insight that can see a "secret code" in these "Holy Books" and you are literally selling ignorance and superstition as a virtue when you make this claim.  And the nonsense questions like, "Without God, where would you get your morals from?", is the reasoning of a broken, psychotic mind.  You are literally saying that if it weren't for the threats of an invisible sky-daddy, from a middle eastern death cult, you would take up rape and murder as a hobby.  If that's true then kill yourself, because you're just a piece of shit, and killing yourself would be the first good thing you've done for the world.  


I repeatedly explain these things, because in order to successfully leverage what I have to teach, you MUST KNOW right from wrong; and you will never get an accurate moral compass from the inane scribblings of middle eastern death cults.  


If you've heard this from me before, and think I abide by the evil, vile lessons taught in your evil, vile "holy books", and "forgive and welcome me warmly" you are profoundly mistaken.  If you took the time to listen to me in the first place, and chose to ignore it, you have wasted my time.  That is something you are incapable of replacing, and a debt you cannot repay - unless of course you kill yourself, thus forefitting the rest of your time.  Contrary to what you "believe" the Bible does not condemn suicide.  Go look.  Even Piece-of-Shit Jesus had nothing to say on the subject, because he was too busy cursing fig trees for not being in season, and killing pigs filled with "demons"...WE HAVE MAPPED THE HUMAN GENOME!


How can you believe the ignorance and superstition sold as virtue, in a day and age where "we don't know" is the answer fewer and fewer times with each passing year!  We already know how much we don't know.  That's the amazing part about it.  Mapping the human genome has opened up a world of possibilities, because now we know the right questions to ask.  If you want a truly "spiritual" or "religious" euphoria, that isn't based on delusion, then learn to read a genome.  Learn to read the answers that people far smarter than you, worked decades to create and understand.  When you actually see the core instruction of life itself, when you actually see that it did "just happen", and when you actually see just how profoundly connected you are to all that you call life, only then will you truly understand the comtempt I have for these demonstrably irrational beliefs that 80% of the population clings to as "virtue".  


I will take that one example, and match it against any of your middle eastern death cult's "miracles", if only to show how evil, pathetic, and intellectually bankrupt your "virtues" make you.  Learn to read a genome.  It's the quickest path to "seeing the light".  Once you do see the light...


Fuck off!  You don't deserve to know any more.  You're too evil and stupid to know any more, and the parable of the Prodigal Son is a stupid story.


My "miracles" will always dwarf yours, and your short-sighted love of ignorance means you are unworthy of these miracles. Don't worry though, you'll get "sloppy seconds" in a decade or so. ;)Also: Parable of the Prodigal Son is a stupid story. Did I mention that?