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Paperwork Terrorism!

Scott DuncanNov 13, 2016, 5:06:29 AM

I don't know if any of you have read this bill, C-16, and the terrifying ramifications contained therein; but if you haven't you really should, even if you're not in Canada.  


As this "law" is currently framed, my satirical recreation of a "Gender Fluid" PSA would be a crime in Canada, for which I could be jailed.  If you think I'm being alarmist, I remind you that people have been sentenced to multiple years in prison, simply for publishing the INTENT to publish, a book questioning the Holocaust.  This happens in Germany right now.  


Now, this isn't some debate over an historical event, this is the GOVERNMENT threatening to kidnap and cage you, if you do not accept idiotic concepts like "Gender Fluid" or the non-reality of more than two genders.  


So I've got an idea, and I think the government should pay for it.  I'm going to apply for a grant from the National Film Board for an artistic endeavor entitled, "ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT: The Trials and Tribulations of the Gender-Fluid".  I figure I'll need...



oh, I dunno


...four million bucks!  


What do you think people?  How many of you will write your local MP, demanding that ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT be funded?


You see, attached to that money, is a TENDER FOR LAW.  That particular "law" trumps any "Protect the Spineless Pussy" law.  This will of course be regarded as "Paperwork Terrorism".  You see, since I would be asking for a grant from the National Film Board (most of which fail to produce actual films), I would be afforded certain "protections".  I, for instance, would be at liberty to say "ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT", because it's the actual title of the film in question.  Thus any restrictions placed on me, would effectively be interfering with COMMERCE.  By being a recipient of a grant, the GOVERNMENT is endorsing that RIGHT.  This protection extends to you, the non-film-making public.  In order to reference the film in question, which of course the GOVERMENT funded, you would require the LEGAL RIGHT to speak the name of the film, ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT.


In order for this to work though, the project will require public support.  This means you'll actually have to do work.  Clicking "Like and/or Share" does not count as support.  This is something I will point out in my upcoming film, ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT, wherein ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOTS try to convince you that liking and/or sharing written work is not only support, but it cures cancer, solves world hunger, helps people in natural disasters, and resolves a slew of other things that only someone who thinks "gender fluid" is anything besides what an ATTENTION-SEEKING FAGGOT would think.


So that's my "Paperwork Terrorism" idea.  I want to make (and have the GOVERNMENT fund) this movie WHILE I STILL CAN, because according to Bill C-16, I can't.  History will look back at this LEGAL farce, with the utter contempt it deserves.  


If I get enough public support, I shall begin the project and the application process, and our "paperwork terrorism" will unfold.  Writing your local MP and demanding federal funding for this film, has very interesting LEGAL FORCE AND EFFECT.  


Do let me know if you wish to see this interesting LEGAL FORCE AND EFFECT in action.