Scott Duncan


I'm JUST SOME GUY™ Nobody important. Nothing to see here. Move along. To those who were watching me 10 years ago; Yes you really did see me do it. So why am I not "famous"? I DON'T WANT TO BE! To want such a thing is madness, and I've seen what your kind to to the famous. You all have a preconceived notion about what the "famous" should be, and I am NOT that. To those who DID listen, I revel in your success. It genuinely gives my happiness to see you succeed. Use it to pay the debt you owe me. There's TRILLIONS of dollars worth of free shit just waiting to be exploited. Take what you need and give the rest to everyone. Show others what I showed you, and NEVER charge money. You can make your own money now, so there is no need to take it from others. Show the world how to BE more. Make sure everyone knows where you learned it. (Worthy people are my "marketing")
The ONLY place you should get a Liberal Arts Degree!
A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR: Well it's 2020. Your worthless parents are the children of "Boomers" and they wasted a third of their lives labouring for money, even though they have no clue what money is...and they sold you a Bill of Goods. Everyone you ask says you can't get a good job unless you go to university. You're screwed! Let's face it. You're an idiot. You weren't taught anything useful, and you don't have any skills that are wanted in the real world. How the hell are you going to get into university? We at Rogue Support are here to help. The knowledgeable researchers and professionals at our wholly-owned subsidiary, Niknort Labs, is now a university. Yes, Niknort University. I know what you're thinking... Why should you go to Niknort University, as opposed to Harvard or Yale? Why would you choose an online university over one of those prestigious institutions? One word -- HONESTY. It is a matter of public record that Rogue Support Inc. coined the term, and is the rightful owner of said term, GENDERFAGGOT(tm). Niknort University's flagship course is a doctorate in GENDERFAGGOT(tm) Studies. We promise that our GENDERFAGGOT(tm) researchers are at the forefront of this new and imaginary "science". In fact, we at Rogue Support are so certain of our colleagues' qualifications in this field, that we absolutely guarantee that a Doctorate in GENDERFAGGOT(tm) Studies is of equal or greater value on the open job market as your current liberal arts degree. GUARANTEED! Does your liberal arts degree offer such guarantees? No, of course not, and you're putting yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to get that accreditation. Niknort University will never cripple you with lifelong debt. Niknort University knows that you're taking a liberal arts degree because you're borderline retarded. This means from an actuarial standpoint, it is extremely unwise to issue you credit. Hence you will have to pay up front. It's$300,000.00...oh, what the fuck I'm feeling generous - $200,000.00. What can I say? I'm a man of the people! I just knocked a third off your university tuition right here. You won't see Harvard or Yale doing that shit for you. We accept cash, certified cheque, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. For further information send an email to:, and put "Yes, I want to be a GENDERFAGGOT" in the title to ensure you are not flagged as SPAM. Niknort University! The future is still you...probably.
Oh sure they aren't as smart or civilized as we are, you shouldn't call black people "locusts", though I can see where you are going with this... What? Why are you looking at the screen like that?
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