Scott Duncan


I'm JUST SOME GUY™ Nobody important. Nothing to see here. Move along. To those who were watching me 10 years ago; Yes you really did see me do it. So why am I not "famous"? I DON'T WANT TO BE! To want such a thing is madness, and I've seen what your kind do to the famous. You all have a preconceived notion about what the "famous" should be, and I am NOT that. To those who DID listen, I revel in your success. It genuinely gives me happiness to see you succeed. Use it to pay the debt you owe me. There's TRILLIONS of dollars worth of free shit just waiting to be exploited. Take what you need and give the rest to everyone. Show others what I showed you, and NEVER charge money. You can make your own money now, so there is no need to take it from others. Show the world how to BE more. Make sure everyone knows where you learned it. (Worthy people are my "marketing")
It was a mistake to share this. I really thought I'd be able to do something about the horrible abuse I suffer at the hands of @taraduncan. Alas, my plan backfired. Me: I swear, I'll call Cassie Jaye on you! @taraduncan: DO IT! Tell her I'm beating you with a rolled up copy of "Ms. Magazine"! Oh well. It was a good idea at the time. :(
Holy shit. I knew this would happen but not while I'm still alive! Humanity just saved itself!
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