Jillian Seed

Nothing in no one no how. A ghost, ephemeral yet bright.Just another dumb hack writer.

Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.

Progressing artist. hope to use my imagination when my art skills improve. currently makes illustrations but would want to get into digital art. Someone who is thoughtful about others and the world.

Headbanger, musician, degenerate weeb, and e馃叡ic gaymer / No. 1 Elza and Symphony X stan

Just another asshole on this pile of dirt

Politically blackpilled 馃嚠馃嚦 immigrant to 馃嚚馃嚘 Alt: @cathgirlrach temporary deactivated on twitter

~ third-eye opener ~sacred geo enjoyer~ shitposter ~ my goal here is to spread love and engage in conversations with others// I am a varied and open-minded person// I want the best for all of us

鈥淚 freely admit it, I am a man who is empty and desolate inside.鈥 - Kirei Kotomine. Fate/Zerofag. KPV. Strobe鈥檚 little pogchamp . Kirei and Astolfo simp. 銆嶤KT銆廋urrently in Femboy Boot Camp

Dec 2020
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