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Top donors: Welcome to my Red Pilled channel. I'm Anna. Thanks for dropping by. Here you will find all sorts of things that interest me. Currently, I am the Chairwoman for District 39 here on Oahu for the Republican Party of Hawaii, a member of the Rules Committee and Campaign Manager for Austin Maglinti for State House. I, as well, am a huge Trump supporter that helps organize and promote Pro Trump rallies here on Oahu. I am one of four hard working admin on the Facebook group The Official Hawaii for Trump as well as here on minds as a backup and alternative for those who don't use Facebook. I love photography and have just started using artsy manipulation tools to further add creativity to the photos. I also remind, upvote and comment on my favorite photographs from other channels. I also blog, mainly about current events and politics. I as well, upvote, remind and comment on channels with political and current events topics. If you would like your original content boosted or pinned to the top of my channel, please check out the rewards portion of the page for details. As always, to help keep my original content up to date, please use the comments, boost and wire options. See the rewards section for more details for wires and boosting content. Right now, if you boost any of my original content, I will rtf by pinning to my channel a post of your choice. Where else you can find me: Right now, I am still available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pocketnet, but all of my content is uploaded to Minds, first. I will slowly be backing away from most of my other social platforms. If you would like to follow those accounts, they are active but all original content will be here and Pocketnet. GuruShots, RAISE, ViewBug and Snapwire are photography contest apps that I use to sell photos and enter in contests. As always these apps reward you for referrals. If you are already on these apps, please feel free to add me. If you are not signed up for these apps, please use my links below. GuruShots link: Find me on RAISE: Anna Odom ViewBug: Find me on Snapwire: Anna Odom #minds #photography #myphotos #blogs #creativecontent #politics #news #currentevents #boosts #wires #comments #upvotes #reminds #redpillhawaii #proconstitution #maga #kag #Trump2020 #images #creatorcontent #visionsbyanna
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Sep 2018
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