@AmpersZA aka PietvdMerwe

Andrew Ampers Taylor (Anglicised name in 1971 but kept Ampers) arrived in England in 1955 as an immigrant with English as 3rd language. Other languages: Afrikaans & Zulu, Zulu now is almost extinct. 101% Brexiteer. Admire + worked with Nigel Farage. Admire Trump. Hate censorship and the extreme right. Dislike the left. Ex CEO, ex Fellow of the Institute of Directors & ex Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. Failed MENSA (only 142 on Cottrell). A full member of the armed forces Union Jack Club. I am 82 and look after my lovely Engels wife who has suffered chronic anxiety for the last 8 years. En ek is nie 'n Sheeple nie! Ex military (security) and at home with guns, owned six pistols and a rifle before ex PM Tony Blair stole them. Still own a powerful crossbow though! @AmpersZA on Telegram M: +44 7941 622401 (prefer txt) E: [email protected] Banned on Twitter (twice-not lefty enough) On Telegram; search AceStart then: it shows a list of names and descriptions of my five channels, Politics, Medical, Finance, Technology and General, and a channel reserved for chatting. If in Telegram, type AceStart in the search field - there's only a single document there.
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